I. Personnel Policies

1. Academic Freedom, Tenure and Due Process, UNCG (PDF)

i. The Regulations

1. Principles of Academic Freedom and Responsibility in the University Community Subsections

2. General Policies on Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure

3. Policies on Appointments, Timing of Reviews, Resignations and Retirement Subsections

4. Procedures with Regard to Promotion and Tenure Subsections

5. Rights of Special Faculty Members and Fixed-Term Faculty Appointments

6. Reappointment, Nonreappointment, and Requirements of Notice and Review for Tenure Track Faculty Subsections

7. Termination of Employment for Reasons of Financial Exigency or Program Curtailment Subsections

8. Discharge or Imposition of Serious Sanctions

9. Implementation of these Regulations

      10. Amendments

ii.  Appendix: Documents Governing the Promotion and Tenure Process at The University of the North Carolina at Greensboro

I.  Major Documents Subsections

II. Other Documents Related to Promotion and Tenure Subsections

2.  Annual and Post-Tenure Review Policy for Faculty (PDF)

3. Appeal Guidelines for Designated Exempt Employees(EPA) (PDF)

4.  Appointment to Faculty Positions – Guidelines(PDF)

5.  Emeritus Status Guidelines (PDF)

6.  Employees Exempt from the State Personnel Act (EPA), (UNCG) (PDF)

7.   Ethics in Research (PDF)

8. Faculty Grievance Committee Policies and Procedures

8.  Graduate Faculty Appointment (PDF)

10.  Joint Faculty Appointments Guidelines (PDF)

11.  Nonreappointment Hearing Procedures (PDF)

12. Promotion Policies for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

13.  Promotion and Tenure Policies, UNCG

14.  Research Assignments

15.  Serious Sanction Cases (PDF)

16.  Titled Professors Appointment (PDF)

17.  Visiting Distinguished Professors Appointment (PDF) [/expand]

II. Fiscal Policies List of Fiscal Policies

III.Instructional Policies List of Instructional Policies

IV. Other Policies List of Other Policies