Approved WI/SI Course Markers

Note: Courses approved for SI or WI markers do not necessarily carry the marker every time they are offered. Please check Genie to confirm that a course is being offered as SI or WI for a particular semester.

Course IDCourse NameInstructorWI MarkerSI Marker
ACC 450Accounting, Ethics, and International BusinessAny InstructorWI
ADS 210W-02Blacks in AmericaFrank Woods
ADS 305Special Topics in African American Studies: Race and RepresentationGeorge DimockSI
ADS 325Black Women in the U.S.Tara GreenWI
ADS 376African LiteratureAny InstructorWI
ADS 400Independent StudyAny InstructorWI
ADS 410Senior ThesisAny InstructorWISI
ARE 361Foundations of Art Education IIEunHee (Maria) LimWI
ARE 363Current Teaching Methods in Elementary SchoolAny instructorSI
ARE 368Research in Contemporary Issues in Art EducationEunHee (Maria) LimWI
ARH 110Survey of Western Art: Prehistory- RenaissanceRichard GanttWI
ARH 112Survey of Non-western ArtElizabeth PerrillWI
ARH 200History of Western ArchitectureAny InstructorWI
ARH 210The Art of Disney and PixarHeather HolianWI
ARH 211Art and the African American PresenceGeorge Dimock, Heather HolianWI
ARH 214History of CeramicsAny InstructorWI
ARH 219Sophomore Seminar in Art HistoryHeather Holian, Elizabeth PerrillWI
ARH 310Early Medieval ArtHolianSI
ARH 312Gothic ArtHeather HolianWI
ARH 320Italian Renaissance Art Arthur Murphy, Carl GoldsteinWI
ARH 325Northern Renaissance ArtCarl GoldsteinWI
ARH 330Baroque ArtCarl GoldsteinWI
ARH 350History of PhotographyGeorge DimockWI
ARH 353Late Twentieth Century ArtGeorge DimockWI
ARH 403Art History Research SeminarRichard GanttWISI
ARH 405Research Topics in ArtAny InstructorWI
ARH 500Traditions of Art CriticismCarl GoldsteinWI
ARH 501Topics in the History of ArtElizabeth PerrillWISI
ARH 502Historiography and MethodologyAicheleSI
ARH 590Museum StudiesAicheleSI
ART 100Introduction to ArtAnn Millett, Carl Goldstein, Elizabeth Perrill, Heather HolianWI
ART 100WIntroduction to ArtGeorge DimockWI
ART 102The Black AtlanticGeorge DimockWI
ART 200History of Western ArchitectureAny instructorWI
ART 212History of Ceramics:Critical PerspectivesAny instructorWI
ART 219Sophomore Seminar in Art HistoryElizabeth PerrillWI
ART 220Intermediate DrawingAny InstructorWI
ART 253Sculpture IAny instructorSI
ART 301Early Medieval ArtHeather HolianSI
ART 303Gothic ArtHeather HolianWI
ART 304W Italian Renaissance ArtCarl GoldsteinWI
ART 305Northern Renaissance ArtCarl GoldsteinWI
ART 306WBaroque ArtCarl GoldsteinWI
ART 312Late 20th Century ArtGeorge DimockWI
ART 322Variable Topics in DrawingAny InstructorWI
ART 335Painting IIM. AnanianSI
ART 337Painting IIIM. AnanianSI
ART 355Sculpture IIAny InstructorSI
ART 356Sculpture IIIAny InstructorSI
ART 360Foundations of Art EducationEun Hee "Maria" LimWI
ART 368Research in Contemporary Issues in Art EducationEun Hee "Maria" LimWI
ART 403Art History Research SeminarRichard GanttWISI
ART 405Research Topics in ArtHeather Holian (and others)WI
ART 420Advanced DrawingBarbara Campbell ThomasSI
ART 440Books and ImagesAmy Lixl-PurcellSI
ART 441Books and ImagesLixl-PurcellSI
ART 442Image Sequencing/Sequential ImagingAny InstructorSI
ART 447New Media & Design ProfessionalAny InstructorWISI
ART 449Independent StudyChris ThomasSI
ART 459Sculpture/Ceramics Studio CapstoneAny InstructorSI
ART 481Ceramics IIIAny InstructorSI
ART 482Capstone Painting Studio & Practice SeminarAny InstructorWISI
ART 485Advanced Critique in PhotographyLeah SobseySI
ART 499Independent StudyChris ThomasSI
ART 500Traditions of Art CriticismWI
ART 501Topics in the History of ArtElizabeth PerrillWISI
ATY 213Introduction to Cultural AnthropologyAny InstructorWI
ATY 258Introduction to ArchaeologyAny InstructorWI
ATY 311Reading Culture and SocietyAny instructorWI
ATY 357Monkeys, Apes, and HumansAny InstructorWI
ATY 360Methods in ArchaeologyJoe MountjoySI
ATY 361Methods in Biological AnthropologyAny InstructorWI
ATY 362Methods in Cultural AnthropologySusan AndreattaWI
ATY 377Disaster, Self and SocietyA. MurphyWI
ATY 385Language and CultureAny InstructorWI
ATY 440Colliding Worlds: Forming AmericaLinda StineSI
ATY 444Archaeology of Power and PoliticsAny InstructorWI
ATY 449Gender ArchaeologyDonna NashWI
ATY 462Archaeology of the Southeastern U.S.Any InstructorWISI
ATY 510Archaeology of South AmericaAny InstructorSI
ATY 524Applying Anthropology in the Real WorldSusan AndreattaWI
ATY 524WApplied AnthropologySusan AndreattaSI
ATY 526Food and Culture in A Global ContextSusan AndreattaWI
ATY 547Myth, Magic, and ReligionArthur MurphySI
ATY 571Ethnographic MethodsAny InstructorWI
ATY 595Current Issues in AnthropologyAny InstructorSI
ATY 597Special Problems in AnthropologyDavid LeoneSI
BIO 315Ecology and Evolution LaboratoryAny InstructorWI
BIO 422Plant DiversityAny InstructorSI
BIO 424Plant Physiology and BiotechnologyAny InstructorWI
BIO 425Biological ClocksJohn LepriWI
BIO 439Animal Behavior with LaboratoryCheryl LoganWI
BIO 453Vertebrate MorphogenesisMark HensWISI
BIO 454Plant SystematicsBruce KirchoffSI
BIO 477Animal PhysiologyJohn LepriWISI
BIO 479NeurobiologyAny InstructorWI
BIO 481General MicrobiologyAny InstructorWI
BIO 498Biology SeminarRob CannonSI
BIO 528Microbial EcologyParke RubleeWI
BIO 540Genes and SignalsAmy L. AdamsonSI
BIO 541EntomologyOlav RueppellSI
BIO 549PhilogeneticsAny InstructorSI
BIO 549-ACurrent Topics in Biology: Stream EcologyHersheySI
BIO 552MetamorphosisEsther LeiseWISI
BIO 560SymbiosisParke RubleeWI
BIO 578Hormones in ActionJohn LepriSI
BIO 579Environmental PhysiologyAny InstructorWI
BIO 583VirologyRob CannonWI
BIO 584ImmunologyAny InstructorWI
BIO 589-AThe InsectsRueppellSI
BIO 591Population Genetics and Molecular EvolutionAny InstructorSI
BIO 594Intro to BiotechnologyKaren Katula, Vince HenrichWI
BIO 596Molecular Biological Approaches in ResearchAny InstructorSI
BLS 300Seminar in Humanities (Topics)Any InstructorWI
BLS 301 (formerly BLS 300)Pathways: Reading and Writing in the HumanitiesAny InstructorWISI
BLS 320Selected Topics: Literature
Hephzibah RoskellyWI
BLS 321 (formerly BLS 320)Reading the Human ExperienceJay Parr, PoythressWI
BLS 327 (formerly BLS 320)Contemporary Asian LiteratureLee Baker, PoythressWI
BLS 340Selected Topics: Fine ArtsMarc WilliamsWISI
BLS 342Painting on the PageMarc WilliamsWI
BLS 400Senior Seminar in the HumanitiesAny InstructorWI
CCI 102The Classical Art of PersuasionAny InstructorWISI
CCI 202Introduction to Roman CivilizationAny InstructorWI
CCI 205MythologyAny InstructorWI
CCI 227Comparative Studies in World EpicsAny Instructor WI
CCI 240Ancient WarfareAny InstructorSI
CCI 305Classical TragedyAny InstructorWI
CCI 306Classical ComedyAny InstructorWISI
CCI 313Archaelogy of the AgeanAny InstructorWISI
CCI 314Ancient CitiesAny InstructorWISI
CCI 323World of Alexander the GreatAny InstructorSI
CCI 324The Age of CiceroAny InstructorWISI
CCI 325The Age of AugustusHugh Parker, David Wharton, Jonathan ZareckiSI
CCI 326The Age of NeroAny InstructorWISI
CCI 327The Age of ConstantineAny InstructorWISI
CCI 330Women in AntiquityAny InstructorWI
CCI 336Language Change crosslisted as LIN 336Any InstructorWI
CCI 340Ancient CosmologyAny InstructorWISI
CCI 350Roman Law and SocietyAny InstructorSI
CCI 360Archaeology of the Roman Provinces: Britain and GaulAny InstructorWI
CCI 365Archaeology of the Roman Provinces: Asia MinorAny InstructorSI
CCI 389Women in Classical DramaLinda Danford, John StarksSI
CCI 405Advanced Studies in MythologyAny InstructorWI
CCI 407Roman Myth and LegendAny InstructorWI
CCI 455UNCG in RomeAny InstructorSI
CCI 475Archaeology of Death in the Classical WorldAny InstructorWI
CCI 490Seminar in Classical StudiesAny InstructorWISI
CCI 502History of Latin LiteratureAny InstructorWI
CCI 502History of Latin LiteratureDavid WhartonSI
CCI 512The Archaeology of Roman Daily LifeAny InstructorWISI
CHE 252Chemistry and the Human EnvironmentJerry Walsh, Bruce BanksWI
CHE 333Quantitative Analysis LaboratoryAny InstructorWI
CHE 354Organic Chem II LabAny InstructorWI
CHE 401Chemistry Seminar IntroductionNadja CechSI
CHE 402Chemistry SeminarNadja CechSI
CHE 407Introductory Physical Chemistry LabAny InstructorWI
CHE 463Physical Chemistry Lab IAny InstructorWI
CHE 464Physical Chemistry Lab IIAny InstructorWI
CHE 481Synthetic TechniquesAny InstructorWI
CHE 533Instrumental Analysis LabAny InstructorWI
CHE 558Biochemistry LaboratoryAny InstructorWI
CHI 203Intermediate Chinese IMeiqing SunWI
CHI 204Intermediate Chinese IIMeiqing SunWI
CRS 331Pre-Internship: Consumer, Apparel, and Retail IndustriesAny InstructorSI
CRS 363Global Sourcing of Apparel and Related Consumer ProductsAny InstructorWI
CSC 101Computer ConceptsDale Case, James CulpSI
CSC 312Ethics in Computer ScienceAny InstructorSI
CSC 340Software EngineeringAny InstructorWI
CSC 490Senior ProjectAny InstructorWISI
CSC 593Directed Study in Computer ScienceFereidoon Blanchet-Sadri, Nancy GreenWI
CSD 150Communication DisabilitiesCelia HooperSI
CSD 334Introduction to AudiologyAny InstructorSI
CSD 337Language Disorders Across the LifespanAny InstructorWI
CSD 556Adult Aural RehabilitationAny InstructorWI
CSD 556Adult Aural RehabilitationAny InstructorWISI
CSD 557Pediatric Aural RehabilitationAny InstructorSI
CST 105Introduction to Communication StudiesAny InstructorWISI
CST 105 (Web delivery)Introduction to Communication StudiesAny instructorSI
CST 111Argumentation and DebateSharon BracciWI
CST 200Communication and Community Spoma Jovanovic WI
CST 207Relational CommunicationAny InstructorWI
CST 210Communicating EthicallyPatricia Fairfield-Artman, Spoma Jovanovic, Chris Poulos, Sharon Bracci,Kim Cuny, Killian Manning, Jessical McCallWISI
CST 300Communication TheoryDavid Carlone, Loreen Olson, Roy SchwartzmanWI
CST 305Persuasion in Western CultureChris PoulosSI
CST 308Strategies in Organizational CommunicationSpoma JovanovicWI
CST 311Deliberation and Decision Making Sharon BracciWISI
CST 315Persuasion and Social InfluencePatricia Fairfield-ArtmanWISI
CST 315 (WEB)Persuasion and Social InfluencesPatricia Fairfield-ArtmanSI
CST 337Intercultural CommunicationEtsuko FujimotoSI
CST 341Communication and Workplace RelationshipsAny InstructorWISI
CST 342Communication and Public Relations: Strategies and InnovationsAny InstructorWISI
CST 343Crisis Communication Patricia Fairfield-ArtmanWI
CST 344Conflict CommunicationAny InstructorWI
CST 350Small Group and Team CommunicationDavid Carlone, Jessica McCallWI
CST 399Communication Research MethodsEtsuko KinefuchiWI
CST 412Communication InternshipKim CunyWI
CST 416Communication and Ethnography: Writing LifeChris PoulosWI
CST 417Communication and Friendship (was offered previously as CST 460)Any InstructorWI
CST 460Special Topics in Communication ResearchAny InstructorWI
CST 499Senior CapstoneAny InstructorWISI
CST 506Speaking Out for Community ChangeAny InstructorWISI
CTR 251Professional Preparation in Recreation, Parks and TourismAny instructorWI
CTR 417Internship in Recreation and ParksAny InstructorWI
CTR 418Research and Evaluation in Recreation and ParksAny InstructorWI
CTR 511Senior Seminar in Recreation, Parks, and TourismAny instructor (King)SI
DCE 200Dance AppreciationAny InstructorWI
DCE 205World Dance TraditionsAny InstructorWI
DCE 305Dance History II: Dance in the United SatesAny InstructorWI
DCE 455Entrepreneurial Career Strategies for ArtistsAny InstructorSI
DCE 505Choreographies and ChoreographersAny InstructorWISI
ECO 518American Economic HistoryAny InstructorWISI
ECO 523Topics in Public PolicyAny InstructorWISI
ECO 555History of Economic ThoughtBruce CaldwellSI
ECO/HIS 518American Economic HistoryAny instructorSI
ELC 381The Institution of EducationAny InstructorSI
ENG 102Argumentative-Based ResearchAny InstructorSI
ENG 102NEnglish Composition II for Non-native SpeakersAny InstructorSI
ENG 102SComposition and RhetoricMatthew Armstrong, Elizabeth Chiseri-StraterSI
ENG 103Essentials of Professional and Business WritingBonnie YarbroughWISI
ENG 103Essentials of Professional and Business WritingRachel Bowman-AbdiWI
ENG 104Approach to LiteratureAny InstructorWI
ENG 105Introduction to NarrativeAny InstructorWI
ENG 106Introduction to PoetryAny InstructorWI
ENG 107Introduction to DramaNancy BucknallWI
ENG 108Topics in British & American LiteratureAny InstructorWI
ENG 109Intro to ShakespeareJason taylorSI
ENG 109Introduction to ShakespeareAny InstructorWI
ENG 202European Literary ClassicsJennifer KeithWI
ENG 203Academic English for Speakers of Other LanguagesNancy MyersWI
ENG 203Academic English for Speakers of Other LanguagesBrian RayWISI
ENG 208Topics in Global LiteratureRose BristerWI
ENG 208Topics in Global LiteratureChristian MoraruSI
ENG 209Topics in Non-Western LiteratureBelinda WalzerWI
ENG 210Literature and the ArtsScott GibsonWI
ENG 211Major British Authors: Medieval to Eighteenth CenturyAmy Vines, Gary LimWI
ENG 212Major British Authors: Romantic to ModernAnne Wallace, Gary Lim, Walter Beale, Jim Evans, Mary Gibson, Jennifer KeithWI
ENG 213Transcultural Literatures: Medieval to EnlightmentMary Ellis GibsonWI
ENG 214Transcultural Literatures: Romantic to PostmodernMary Ellis Gibson, Walter BealeWI
ENG 215Literature and FilmAmy VinesWI
ENG 219Journalism I: Fundamentals of NewswritingRosemary Roberts, Stan SwoffordWI
ENG 223Writing of EssaysAny InstructorWI
ENG 230Writing for the Workplace and Public AudiencesKristie EllisonSI
ENG 230College Writing IIA. Berrier, Brenta Blevins, Stacy RiceSI
ENG 235Speculative FictionCharles TedderWI
ENG 251Major American Authors: Colonial to RomanticAny InstructorWI
ENG 252Major American Authors: Realist to ModernAny InstructorWI
ENG 262SociolinguisticsNancy MyersWISI
ENG 262SociolinguisticsAny InstructorSI
ENG 290The Rhetoric of Social MovementsStephen Yarbrough, Risa Applegarth, Nancy MyersWI
ENG 303Critical Approaches to the Study of LiteratureAny InstructorWI
ENG 303Critical Approaches to the Study of LiteratureChristian MoraruWISI
ENG 304History and Theory of RhetoricStephen Yarbrough, Risa Applegarth, Nancy MyersWI
ENG 305Introduction to Rhetoric: Rhetorical PowerAny InstructorWISI
ENG 306Digital RhetoricAny InstructorWI
ENG 307Critical Approaches to the Study of LiteratureSteven YarbroughWI
ENG 308Critical Approaches to the Study of LiteratureChristian MoraruWI
ENG 310Young Adult LiteratureJeanie ReynoldsSI
ENG 315Postcolonial LiteraturesAli Schultheis MooreWISI
ENG 321Linguistics for TeachersNancy Myers, Walter BealeWISI
ENG 322The Teaching of WritingHephzibah Roskelly, Elizabeth Chiseri-Strater, Laurie White, Nancy Bucknall, Jeanie Reynolds, Walter BealeWI
ENG 323Literary NonfictionHephzibah Roskelly, Risa ApplegarthWI
ENG 324The Teaching of Writing in the Elementary and Middle GradesJeanie ReynoldsWI
ENG 325Writing Fiction: IntermediateAny InstructorSI
ENG 326Writing Poetry: IntermediateAny InstructorSI
ENG 327Writing in the ProfessionsBonnie Yarbrough, Sarah KriveWI
ENG 331Women in LiteratureKaren Kilcup, Mary Ellis GibsonWI
ENG 332English Women Writers Before 1800Denise Baker, Jennifer KeithWISI
ENG 333Southern WritersJennifer Keith, Scott RomineWI
ENG 334English Women Writers Before 1800Denise BakerWI
ENG 336ChaucerAmy VinesSI
ENG 337English Literature to 1500Amy Vines, Denise BakerWI
ENG 338The Sixteenth-Century 1500-1610Chris Hodgkins, Russ McDonaldWI
ENG 338The Sixteenth-Century BodyJennifer FeatherSI
ENG 339Shakespeare: Early Plays and SonnetsJennifer Feather, Michelle Dowd, ReigleWI
ENG 339Shakespeare: Early Plays and SonnetsChristopher HodgkinsWISI
ENG 340Shakespeare: Later PlaysJennifer Feather, Chris HodgkinsWISI
ENG 341Young Adult LiteratureJeanie ReynoldsSI
ENG 341Themes in LiteratureMark RifkinWI
ENG 342The Seventeenth CenturyMichelle DowdWI
ENG 343Topics in Pre-1800 LiteratureWalter BealeSI
ENG 343Topics in Pre-1800Daniel HutchinsWI
ENG 344Romantic Poetry and PoeticsJennifer KeithWISI
ENG 344Romantic Poetry and PoeticsAnne WallaceWI
ENG 345Victorian LiteratureMary Ellise GibsonWI
ENG 348Contemporary British Language and CultureSara Littlejohn, Jennifer WhitakerWISI
ENG 349Novel from Defoe to HardyJames EvansWISI
ENG 350Twentieth Century British NovelChris HodgkinsSI
ENG 351The American Novel through World War IKelley Griffith, Karen Kilcup, Karen WeylerWI
ENG 352The Twentieth-Century American NovelScott RomineWISI
ENG 358Modern PoetryCushmanSI
ENG 360The Eighteenth CenturyJim Evans, Jennifer KeithWISI
ENG 361British Literature 1750-1800Jennifer KeithWI
ENG 363Topics in Rhetoric and CompositionR. Applegarth, L. Hirsu, N. Myers, H. Roskelly, S. YarbroughSI
ENG 365Writing Across the UniversityAny InstructorWISI
ENG 372Early American LiteratureKaren WeylerWI
ENG 373American RomanticismKaren Weyler, Karen KilcupWI
ENG 374Early African American WritersSally Ann FergusonWI
ENG 376African American Writers after the 1920sNoelle Morisette, Sally Ann FergusonWI
ENG 377American Realism and NaturalismKaren KilcupWI
ENG 378American Life WritingRisa ApplegarthWI
ENG 379American Women's WritingKaren Kilcup, Risa ApplegarthWI
ENG 380Literature and EnvironmentAny InstructorWI
ENG 390Studies in Writing Center Theory and PracticeAny InstructorWI
ENG 391Studies in Digital Studio Theory & PracticeLindsay SabatinoWISI
ENG 450Milton: To Paradise and BeyondAny InstructorSI
ENG 451Post-1800 Literature SeminarAny InstructorSI
ENG 494Honors SeminarChristopher HodgkinsWI
ENG 549The Critical Canon and Contemporary IssuesChristian Moraru, Ben Clarke or other Graduate Faculty in EnglishWI
ENG/LIN 262SociolinguisticsAny instructorWISI
ENV 100Introduction to Environmental StudiesDavid McDuffie, Aaron Allen, Jay Lennartson, Tommy PattersonWI
ENV 400Capstone Seminar for Environmental StudiesAaron AllenWI
FFL 100Exploring Self, World, and FutureAny InstructorSI
FMS 108Freshman SeminarAny InstructorSI
FMS 116Freshman SeminarAny InstructorSI
FMS 120Freshman Seminar in LiteratureAny InstructorWISI
FMS 121Freshman Seminar in Literature - Global PerspectivesAny InstructorWISI
FMS 130Freshman Seminar in Fine ArtsAny InstructorWISI
FMS 131Freshman SeminarAny InstructorSI
FMS 132Freshman SeminarAny InstructorSI
FMS 132 / FMS 130Storytelling across CultureCunySI
FMS 142 Freshman Seminar in Philosophical, Religious, and Ethical Principles-Global Non-Western PerspectivesAny InstructorWI
FMS 151Freshman Seminar in Historical Perspectives: Premodern-Global PerspectivesAny InstructorWI
FMS 160Freshman Semniar in Historical Perspectives: ModernAny InstructorWI
FMS 160Freshman SeminarAny InstructorSI
FMS 161Crossing Borders/Crossing cultures: Minority Voices In Multicultural GermanyHaeselerSI
FMS 162Freshman Seminar in Historical Perspectives: Modern-Global Non-Western PerspectivesAny InstructorWI
FMS 170The Narration of HealingCrosslingSI
FMS 170-03Freshman SeminarAny InstructorSI
FMS 171Refugee lives/Refugee StoriesDavisSI
FRE 222Explorations in French LiteratureDavid Fein, O'HaraSI
FRE 222Explorations in French Literature: English VersionsAny InstructorWI
FRE 241Intermediate French, Culture and BusinessAny InstructorSI
FRE 301Advanced FrenchAny InstructorWI
FRE 311French Conversation and PhoneticsAny InstructorSI
FRE 312French Conversation and CultureAny InstructorSI
FRE 332Introduction to French Civilization and CultureAny InstructorSI
FRE 353Survey of French LiteratureAny InstructorWI
FRE 453Special Topics in French Lit.David FeinSI
GEO 114The Geography of World AffairsJohnsonSI
GEO 121Introdution to GISElizabeth WaltonWI
GEO 205Environmental Change: Its Nature and Impact
Michael E. LewisWI
GEO 303World Population ProblemsD. Gordon BennettWI
GEO 305Environmental Hazards AssessmentJay LennartsonSI
GEO 305Environmental Hazards AssessmentMichael Lewis, Jay LennartsonWI
GEO 306World Economic GeographySusan WalcottWI
GEO 315The Geography of World AffairsCorey JohnsonSI
GEO 322Research Methods in GeographyGordon Bennett, Selima Sultana, Keith Debbage, WelshWI
GEO 322Research Methods in GeographyKeith DebbageSI
GEO 330Elements of HydrologyZhi-jun Liu, Michael LewisWI
GEO 359 (formerly GEO 323)Remote Sensing of EnvironmentMary Hall-Brown, Roy StineWISI
GEO 522Seminar in Population and Urban StudiesGordon BennettWI
GEO 533Industrial Development: State and LocalSusan WalcottSI
GEO 533Regional economic Development
John ReesWI
GER 203Intermediate GermanAny InstructorWI
GER 204Intermediate German TopicsAny InstructorWISI
GER 217Masterworks of German Literature Read in EnglishJeffrey AdamsSI
GER 217, 218Masterworks of German Literature Read in English
Any InstructorWI
GER 221German MythologyAny InstructorWI
GER 311German Conversation TopicsAny InstructorSI
GER 301German Conversation and Composition: TopicsAny InstructorWI
GER 302German Language and Society: TopicsAny InstructorWISI
GER 305German Literature: Advanced Intermediate TopicsAny InstructorWISI
GER 306German Culture: Advanced Intermediate TopicsAny InstructorWISI
GER 308Topics in Central European Studies to 1918Any InstructorWISI
GER 309Topics in Central European Studies since 1918Any InstructorWISI
GER 405Advanced Topics in German Literature
Any InstructorWI
GER 406Advanced Topics in German CultureAny InstructorWISI
GER 422German Memory in Fiction and FilmAny InstructorWI
HDF 350Birth Through Kindergarten Ed.: Prof Seminar IAny InstructorSI
HDF 360Birth Through Kindergarten Ed.: Prof Seminar IIAny InstructorSI
HDF 445Current Family Theory and ResearchAny InstructorWI
HDF 455Current Developmental Theory and ResearchAny InstructorWI
HDF 470Leadership in the Field of Early Care and EducationAny InstructorSI
HDF 475Research Methods in HDFSAny InstructorWI
HDF 477Professional Orientation to Business and CommunityAny InstructorSI
HDF 482Administration of Dependent Care ProgramsCatherine Scott-Little, Sharon MimsSI
HDF 552Current Developmental Theory and ResearchAny InstructorWI
HDF/SES 468 Diversity in Inclusive Early Care and EducationAny InstructorWI
HEA 207International HealthMaggie ChrisomWI
HEA 308Introduction to Public Health Any InstructorWI
HEA 339Introduction to Public Health Education PracticeAny InstructorWI
HEA 350Race, Ethnicity, and HealthAny InstructorSI
HEA 366Individual and Small Group InterventionAny InstructorSI
HEA 490Capstone ExperienceAny InstructorWISI
HEA 540Seminar in HealthAny InstructorSI
HHS 107Language and PoetryWalter BealeSI
HHS 207Reading Daniel Boone: Frontier History and the NovelH. HodgkinsSI
HID 501Advanced Interior DesignAny InstructorWI
HIS 203History of Africa to 1870Colleen KrigerWI
HIS 204History of Africa Since 1870Colleen KrigerWISI
HIS 207The Present State of the Once and Future KingWhitakerSI
HIS 211The United States: A General Survey to 1865Any InstructorWI
HIS 212The United States: A General Survey Since 1865
Any InstructorWI
HIS 216Civilizations of AsiaJames AndersonWI
HIS 218The World in the Twentieth CenturyMark MoserWI
HIS 221The Medieval LegacyRichard Barton, Anne BartonWI
HIS 222Europe 1400 - 1789Jodi BilinkoffWISI
HIS 304Gender, Family, and Wealth in African HistoryColleen KrigerWI
HIS 310Daughters of Eve: Women in the Middle-AgesRichard Barton, Anne BartonWISI
HIS 315Witchcraft and Magic in European HistoryJodi BilinkoffWI
HIS 324The Frontier in American CultureLisa TolbertWI
HIS 326Using Photographs as Historical EvidenceLisa TolbertWI
HIS 327American Cultural HistoryLisa TolbertWI
HIS 328Women in America to 1865Phyllis HunterSI
HIS 329U.S Women's History Since 1865Lisa Levenstein, Nan EnstadWI
HIS 332Civil Rights and Black Freedom, 1940-1980Thomas JacksonWI
HIS 335The American Colonial Period, 1607-1763Greg O'BrienWI
HIS 335The American Colonial Period, 1607-1763Phyllis HunterSI
HIS 336The Age of the Democratic Revolution, 1764-1789Mark MoserWI
HIS 338Civil War, Reconstruction, ReunionMark ElliottSI
HIS 339War, Society, Reform, America 1895-1945Mark ElliottSI
HIS 340The US Since World War IITom JacksonWISI
HIS 353Athens in the Fifth Century B.C.Stephen RuzickaWI
HIS 369History of SpainJodi BilinkoffWI
HIS 391Historical Skills and MethodsAny InstructorWI
HIS 394Honors Seminar in U.S. HistoryAny InstructorWISI
HIS 395European ConcentrationAny InstructorWI
HIS 396World/non-WesternAny InstructorWI
HIS 399Images of Africa in FilmAny InstructorWI
HIS 401Individual StudyLisa TolbertWI
HIS 402Individual StudyColleen KrigerWI
HIS 430Historical Methods for Social Studies TeachersAny instructorWI
HIS 440Principles and Practices for Teaching HistoryAny InstructorWI
HIS 511Seminar in Historical Research and WritingAny InstructorWISI
HIS 511 A,B,CSenior Research CapstoneAny instructor (Schleunes)SI
HIS 526Topics in Civil War and ReconstructionMark ElliottSI
HIS/ECO 518American Economic HistoryAny instructorSI
HSS 101/202Meaning and Memory in American Popular MusicBenjamin FileneWI
HSS 105First Year Fine ArtRobert HansenWI
HSS 107King ArthurJennifer WhitakerSI
HSS 108Personal and Political Intersection with Women's LivesBeth WalkerWI
HSS 108/208Life Behind Bars: US Contemporary PrisonsJenifer Hamil-LukerWI
HSS 202Victorian CouplesPam McRaeWI
HSS 203Recombinant DNARob CannonWI
HSS 204Seminar in Life SciencesBob O'HaraWI
HSS 205The Age of MasqueradeD. BellWI
HSS 205Creativity and ResponseVeronica GrossiSI
HSS 206Radical Notions: Conceptualizing Feminist PhilosophyAngela Bolte, Walter Beale, Jarrett Leplin, Joshua HoffmanWI
HSS 207Reading Daniel Boone: Frontier History and the NovelHope Howell HodgkinsSI
HSS 207The Present State of the Once and Future KingJennifer WhitakerSI
HSS 208Race and Ethnicity in Ancient Northern AfricaJohn StarksWI
HSS 208/108Life Behind Bars: US Contemporary PrisonsJ. Hamil-LukerWI
HSS 215The Age of MasqueradeDeborah BellWI
HSS 221Amazons, Queens, Wives, Mothers: The Ancient Warrior WomenRebecca MuichWI
HSS 224Seminar in Life Science. Plagues: Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowJanne CannonWI
HSS 227American Women, At home and AbroadKaren KilcupWI
HSS 228The Internet and Global Society and CultureSeung-Hyun LeeWI
HSS 330Independent Study for one studentPowersSI
IAR 201Basic Environmental Design IIIAny InstructorSI
IAR 202Basic Environmental Design IVAny InstructorWI
IAR 501Advanced Interior Architecture I
Any InstructorWI
IAR 560Advanced Computer-Aided Design and Research SeminarAny InstructorWI
IGS 200Introduction to International and Global StudiesRoberto CampoWI
IGS 213Introduction to Russian StudiesAny InstructorWI
IGS 233History of AfricaColleen KrigerSI
IGS 333Major Movements in Russian LiteratureAny InstructorSI
IGS 400Capstone Seminar in International and Global StudiesAny InstructorWISI
ISL 101Collaboration, Communication, InquiryDale SchunkSI
JNS 204Intermediate Japanese Chiaki TakagiWISI
JNS 220Modern JapanChiaki TakagiSI
JNS 230Japanese Cultural Topics: Women in Japanese Literature and FilmChiaki TakagiSI
JNS 305Topics in Japanese CultureChiaki TakagiSI
JNS 306Current Issues in JapanChiaki TakagiSI
KIN 375Physiology of Sport and PhysicalAny InstructorWI
KIN 379Exercise InstructionAny InstructorSI
KIN 455, 456, 457Teaching PracticalAny InstructorWISI
KIN 461Student Teaching Seminar in Physical EducationAny InstructorWI
KIN 462Student Teaching and Seminar in Physical EducationPam Kocher BrownSI
KIN 475Independent StudyAny InstructorWI
LAT 302Roman Letters and Men of LettersJon ZareckiSI
LAT 303Latin DramaHugh Parker, David WhartonSI
LAT 402OvidAny InstructorSI
LCC 101Foundations for LearningAny InstructorSI
LIS 200Information Use in a Digital WorldJenny Dale, Lisa O'Connor, Amy Harris HoukWI
LLC 455Advanced Topics: Rebels and Revolutionaries in Languages, Literatures, and CulturesAny InstructorWI
MAT 311 Inroduction to Abstract AlgebraAny InstructorWI
MAT 349Preparation for Industrial Careers in Mathematical SciencesAny InstructorWI
MAT 490Senior SeminarAny InstructorWI SI
MGT 309Business CommunicationAny InstructorWISI
MST 204Writing Media Any InstructorWI
MST 205Media LiteracyAny InstructorWI
MST 222The Internet and Global Society and CultureSeung-Hyun LeeWI
MST 252Creative Process in Film VideoAnthony FragolaWI
MST 255Special Approval: One student in Fall 2004Chad PhillipsWI
MST 301Media TheoryAny InstructorWI
MST 305Digital MediaSeung-Hyun LeeWI
MST 320/ENT 320Multimedia for Social Entrepreneurship & Civic EngagementSeung-Hyun LeeWISI
MST 321Topics in Film: The American West in FilmWill DodsonSI
MST 325Gender and Media CultureSeung-Hyun LeeWI
MST 326News AnalysisAny InstructorSI
MST 328Introduction to Film HistoryDavid CookWI
MST 330Cult FilmsWilliam DodsonWI
MST 341Broadcast News WritingAnne Boozell, Brad JonesWI
MST 343Creative CopywritingEmily EdwardsWI
MST 350Writing for the ScreenAny InstructorWI
MST 361Radio and Television AnnouncingDonaldsonSI
MST 407Media Law and EthicsAny InstructorSI
MST 440Online JournalismSeung-Hyun LeeWI
MST 443Writing the Nonfiction ProgramEmily EdwardsWI
MST 515Film TheoryMichael FriersonWI
MST 528Studies in Media Genres: The Ghost FilmEdwardsSI
MST 550Feature Film Script AnalysisEmily EdwardsSI
MST 551Writing the Feature Film IMatthew Barr, Anthony FragolaWI
MST 552Writing the Feature Film IIMatthew Barr, Anthony FragolaWI
MST 553Advanced Media WritingEmily Edwards, Franklin DonaldsonWI
MTD 499Internship in Arts ManagementKelly Burke, Duane Cyrus, J. CauthenSI
MUE 461General Music in Elementary SchoolsConstance L. McKoyWI
MUE 464Teaching Choral and General Music in High SchoolD. Brett NolkerWI
MUE 465Student Teaching in MusicRandy KohlenbergSI
MUE 467Instrumental Music in SchoolsAny InstructorWI
MUP/ENT 402Entreprenuership in MusicAny InstructorWISI
MUS 120Sound ListeningAny InstructorSI
MUS 261Foundations of Teaching for Musical UnderstandingMcKoySI
MUS 333History of Western Music III: 19th and 20th CenturiesAny InstructorWI
MUS 367AGeneral Music in Elementary SchoolAny InstructorSI
MUS 367BFoundations of Teaching Instru. MusicAny InstructorSI
MUS 403Seminar in Career DevelopmentAny InstructorSI
MUS 484Music from 1600-1800Any InstructorWI
MUS 686Music of the Twentieth Century (was MUS 530)Any InstructorWI
NTR 302Nutrition Education and ApplicationAny InstructorWISI
NTR 419Nutrition and Food Service SystemsAny InstructorSI
NTR 534Nutrition and Human Metabolism LaboratoryAny InstructorWI
NTR 560Advanced NutritionAny InstructorSI
NUR 370Concepts of Professional NursingAny InstructorWI
NUR 395Transition to Civilian Professional NursingAny InstructorWISI
NUR 415Nursing Leadership and ManagementAny Instructor (Face to Face)SI
NUR 425Nursing Practicum IAny InstructorWI
NUR 440Nursing Practicum IIAny InstructorSI
NUR 450Evidence Based Practice and Nursing ResearchAny InstructorWI
NUR 472Nursing Leadership and ManagementAny InstructorWISI
NUR 492Independent StudyAnita TeshWI
PCS 312Conflict Systems and AnalysisAny InstructorWI
PCS 315Conflict TransformationAny InstructorWI
PCS 318Facilitation and MediationAny InstructorSI
PHI 111Introduction to PhilosophyJanine Jones, Gary Rosenkrantz, Joseph ColeWI
PHI 115Practical ReasoningRichard GallimoreWI
PHI 115WPractical ReasoningJarrett LeplinWI
PHI 119Introduction to EthicsMichael J. ZimmermanWI
PHI 121Contemporary Moral ProblemsAny InstructorWI
PHI 301Topics in PhilosophyJanine Jones, Michael J. Zimmerman, WISI
PHI 319Knowledge, Truth, and BeliefRichard Gallimore, Jarrett LeplinWI
PHI 321Ethical TheoryHeather Gert, Michael J. ZimmermanWI
PHI 325Philosophy of ScienceJarrett LeplinWI
PHI 331Social and Political PhilosophyWade MakiWI
PHI 335Philosophy of LawMichael J. ZimmermanWI
PHI 353Major PhilosophiesRichard Gallimore, , WI
PHI 357MetaphysicsJanine Jones, Gary RosenkrantzWI
PHI 494Senior Capstone CourseAny InstructorWISI
PHI 555EpistemologyJarrett LeplinWI
PHY 211AGeneral Physics IJerry MeisnerWI
PHY 211BGeneral Physics IIJerry MeisnerWI
PHY 212AGeneral Physics IIJerry MeisnerWI
PHY 321LModern Physics LabAny InstructorWI
PHY 323LClassical Physics LabAny InstructorWI
PHY 325LElectricity and Magnetism LabAny InstructorWI
PHY 401Physics Senior SeminarAny InstructorSI
PHY 419Advanced Physics LaboratoryAny InstructorWISI
PHY 495Research Experience in PhysicsAny InstructorWI
POR 222Introduction to Luso-Brazilian LiteratureAny InstructorWI
POR 233Topics in Brazilian Culture & CivilizationAny InstructorWI
PSC 100American PoliticsSusan Johnson, Susan Buck, Leigh Sink, Elizabeth McNamara, Charles PrysbyWI
PSC 210Introduction to Public PolicyGreg McAvoy, Jeffrey ColbertSI
PSC 260Introduction to Comparative PoliticsWilliam CrowtherWI
PSC 270Introduction to Political TheoryCarisa ShowdenWI
PSC 300Special TopicsGreg McAvoyWI
PSC 300Elections, Law, and the CourtsCharles PrysbySI
PSC 302Applied Program EvaluationGreg McAvoySI
PSC 312Environmental Law and PolicySusan BuckWI
PSC 313Natural Resources Law and PolicySusan BuckWI
PSC 314Wildlife Law and PolicySusan BuckWI
PSC 322American State PoliticsThom LittleWI
PSC 323Urban PoliticsAllison BramwellWI
PSC 326Elections, Law, and the CourtsCharles PrysbySI
PSC 327American Political PartiesCharles PrysbyWI
PSC 329American Political MovementsGreg McAvoySI
PSC 332Elections and VotingCharles PrysbyWI
PSC 340International Political EconomyRobert GriffithsWI
PSC 341International LawRobert GriffithsWISI
PSC 342American Foreign PolicyDavid Meyers, Jerry PubantzWI
PSC 343Foreign Policy of the Major PowersMeyersSI
PSC 348International OrganizationJerry PubantzSI
PSC 350Democratic Political SystemsFabrice Lehoucq, William CrowtherWI
PSC 352Nationalism and Ethnic PoliticsWilliam CrowtherWISI
PSC 354Post-Conflict PoliticsRobert GriffithsWI
PSC 355Selected Topics in Comparative PoliticsFabrice LehoucqWI
PSC 355NThe European UnionWilliam CrowtherSI
PSC 360Politics of Russia and Former Soviet UnionWilliam CrowtherWI
PSC 361East European PoliticsWilliam CrowtherWI
PSC 371American Political ThoughtCarisa ShowdenSI
PSC 391African Political SystemsRobert GriffithsWI
PSC 399Public Affairs InternshipKenneth KlaseSI
PSC 493Honors WorkSusan BuckWI
PSY 121General PsychologyRob GuttentagWI
PSY 121HIntroductory PsychologyRobert GuttentagWI
PSY 230Biological PsychologyCheryl LoganWI
PSY 311Research and Statistical Methods in Psychology IIAny InstructorWISI
PSY 401Academic Writing in PsychologyAny InstructorWI
PSY 433Research Experience in PsychologyAny InstructorWISI
PSY 435Brain and Psychological ProcessesWalter SalingerWI
PSY 435LBrain and Psychological Processes LabWalter SalingerWI
PSY 438Animal BehaviorCheryl LoganWI
PSY 438LAnimal BehaviorTim JohnstonWI
PSY 442LBehaviorial Approaches to Complex Human Behavior with LaboratoryTony DeCasper, Ruth Hurst, Rick ShullWI
PSY 445LPersonality and Social Development LabJanet BoseovskiWI
PSY 455Social and Personality DevelopmentSusan CalkinsWI
PSY 455LSocial and Personality Develoment with LaboratoryAny instructorWI
PSY 456Cognitive DevelopmentStuart MarcovitchWI
PSY 456LCognitive Development with LaboratoryAny InstructorWI
PSY 460LInterpersonal Behavior and Group Processes with LaboratoryJohn SetaWI
PSY 461LAttitudes and Social Influence with LaboratoryPaul SilviaWI
PSY 470LPsychological Disorders of Childhood LabAny InstructorWI
PSY 471LPsychological Disorders in Adults with LaboratoryAny InstructorWI
PSY 471WPsychological Disorders in AdultsThomas KwapilWI
PSY 481LCognition and Consciousness with LaboratoryAny InstructorWI
PSY 483LPsychology of Thinking Lab with LaboratoryEdward WisniweskiWI
PSY 493Honors Independent StudyPaul SilviaWISI
PSY 515History and Systems of PsychologyGeorge F. MichelWI
PSY 515WHistory and Systems of PsychologyJacqueline HenryWI
RCO 102English CompositionAny InstructorSI
RCO 109American Experience 1740-1890Any InstructorWI
RCO 155The Art of DiscourseAny Residential College InstructorSI
RCO 202Ashby Seminar in Modern HistoryChristine FloodSI
RCO 203Residential College Seminar in Philosophical/Religious/Ethical PrinciplesAny InstructorWI
RCO 203Contemporary American Experience in Global SocietyAny InstructorWI
RCO 204Ashby Residential College Seminar in Literature & RhetoricAny InstructorWI
RCO 205The Evolution of Peace and WarMichael CauthenSI
RCO 206Residential College Studies in the ArtsWill DodsonWI
RCO 206Animals and Ourselves in Art and PerformanceLarry LavenderWI
RCO 215Global Social Problems: Education as an individual, local, and global question Any Instructor (Face to Face)SI
RCO 221Residential College Seminar in Historical Perspectives: PremodernCharles NashWI
RCO 221Ashby Seminar in Pre-Modern History/GlobalChristine FloodSI
RCO 222Residential College Seminars in Historical Perspectives: ModernMark MoserWI
RCO 222Detective FictionFran ArdntWI
RCO 223Residential College Seminar in Philosophical/Religious/Ethical PrinciplesAny InstructorWI
RCO 224Residential College Seminar in Literature and RhetoricHephzibah RoskellyWI
RCO 224WIntroduction to SociologyWilliam T. MarkhamWI
RCO 226Residential College Seminar in Fine Arts (3:3)Emily AikenWI
RCO 240"I am someone Else"- Colonial &Colonized, Post Colonial & Post ColonizedMatt McNeesWI
RCO 244Culture of the Pacific (cross listed with ATY 337)Tom FitzgeraldWI
RCO 244Spanish American Reform RevolutionMary FloydWI
RCO 255Introductory Concepts in Earth ScienceJay LennartsonWI
RCO 281Composed Selves: Women as ArtistsFran ArdntWI
RCO 302Advanced StudyAny InstructorWI
RCO 306Music in ContentAaron AllenWI
RCO 390Research CapstoneAny InstructorWISI
RCS 362Integrated Marketing CommunicationAny InstructorSI
REL 101Introduction to World ReligionsBennett RamseyWI
REL 109Religion and Contemporary CultureMatthew McKinnon, Bennett RamseyWI
REL 111Non-Western ReligionAny InstructorWI
REL 202Hebrew BibleMaxine Grossman, Ellen HaskellWI
REL 204New Testament and Origins of ChristianityDerek KruegerWI
REL 207Modern Problems of BeliefAny InstructorWI
REL 210Christianity to the ReformationDerek KruegerWI
REL 212Christianity from Reformation to PresentAny InstructorWI
REL 221BuddhismAny InstructorWI
REL 221HBuddhismAny instructorWI
REL 223HinduismGreg GrieveWI
REL 226Approaches to the Qur'anAlyssa GabbayWI
REL 248Comparative Religious EthicsAny InstructorWI
REL 250Religious Traditions and Care of the EarthDavid McDuffieWI
REL 251Topics in Religious Social EthicsAlyssa Gabbay, John SopperWISI
REL 259Philosophy of ReligionWilliam HartWISI
REL 298Thinking About ReligionGreg GrieveWI
REL 301 Early ChristianityDerek KruegerWI
REL 303Christianity in ByzantiumDerek KruegerWI
REL 305Religions of the Greco Roman WorldDerek KruegerWI
REL 309Spirituality and Culture in the WestAny InstructorWI
REL 310Christianity and the Construction of GenderDerek KruegerWI
REL 311Topics in Biblical StudiesAny InstructorWI
REL 312Judaism and the Construction of GenderEllen HaskellWI
REL 313Topics in Ancient JudaismMarc Bregman, Gwynn Kessler, Maxine GrossmanWI
REL 314Saints and Society in Early Middle AgesDerek KruegerWI
REL 315Religious Autobiography in the WestBill Hart, John SopperWI
REL 317Islam and the Construction of GenderAny InstructorWI
REL 318Theories and Methods in the Study of ReligionWilliam Hart, Greg Grieve, Derek KruegerWI
REL 323Religious Movements and Communities: Selected TopicsAny InstructorWI
REL 324Philosophical Issues in ReligionCharles Orzech, Ben Ramsey, M. Grossman, D. Krueger, Bill MageeWI
REL 325Contemporary American Jewish ThoughtJeffery HausWI
REL 326American Religious Thought IHenry LevinsonWI
REL 327American Religious Thought IIHenry LevinsonWI
REL 328American Religious Thought IIIHenry LevinsonWI
REL 330Major American Religious ThinkersGreg GrieveWI
REL 332Contemporary African American Religious ThoughtWilliam Hart, Arthur CarterWISI
REL 333Religion and PhilosophyBen RamseyWI
REL 340Major Modern Jewish ThinkersHenry LevinsonWI
REL 341Topics in Jewish ThoughtEllen HaskellWI
REL 351Religion in Traditional SocietiesCharles Headington, Greg GrieveWI
REL 351WReligions in Traditional SocietiesGreg Grieve, Charles HeadingtonWI
REl 355Religious Discourse of Civil RightsWilliam HartWISI
REL 356Religion and Colonialism Bill HartWI
REL 365Myth and TheoryCharles Orzech, Greg GrieveWI
REL 366Religions of China: Selected TopicsCharles OrzechWI
REL 367Religion of Japan: Selected TopicsCharles OrzechWI
REL 368Religion in South Asia: Selected TopicsAny InstructorWI
REL 370Religions of Iran: Selected TopicsAny InstructorWI
REL 382Topics in Christian ThoughtEugene RogersWI
REL 383Seminar in a Major Christian ThinkerEugene RogersWI
REL 410 Senior SeminarAny InstructorWISI
REL 503Topics in Religious StudiesBen Ramsey, Derek KruegerWI
RUS 203Intermediate RussianAny InstructorWI
RUS 301Advanced Russian Conversation and CompositionAny InstructorSI
RUS 313Major Authors in Russian LiteratureAny InstructorWI
RUS 314Major Movements in Russian Literature and CultureAny InstructorWI
SEC 447Service Delivery Systems and Role ManagementAny InstructorSI
SEC 486Seminar and PracticumGlenda TorresSI
SES 243History and Psychology of the DeafEdgar ShroyerWI
SES 252Survey of Learning and Behavior DifferencesAll sectionsWI
SES 252WSurvey of Learning Disabilities and Behavioral and Emotional DisabilitiesAny InstructorWI
SES 447Service Delivery Systems and Role ManagementAny InstructorSI
SES 486Seminar and PracticumGlenda TorresWI
SES 578Language Teaching Methods with Deaf StudentsAny InstructorWISI
SOC 101Introduction to SociologyAny InstructorWI
SOC 201Social ProblemsAny InstructorWI
SOC 230Sociology of FriendshipRebecca AdamsWI
SOC 290Thinking Sociologically - Classical TheoryAny InstructorWI
SOC 300Post-Soviet SocietiesJulie V. BrownWI
SOC 301Introduction to Methods and ResearchAny InstructorWI
SOC 302Introduction to Data AnalysisFuller, Cindy Brooks DollarSI
SOC 311 (Cross-listed w/ ATY 311)Reading Culture and SocietySarah DaynesWI
SOC 317Criminal JusticeGwen HunnicuttSI
SOC 324CriminologyGwen HunnicuttSI
SOC 325Sociology of Work OrganizationsAny InstructorWI
SOC 326The CommunityAny InstructorWI
SOC 327Race and Ethnic RelationsPaul LuebkeWI
SOC 329Sociological Perspectives on GenderAny InstructorSI
SOC 335Marriage and FamilyAny InstructorSI
SOC 340Introduction to Cultural SociologyAny InstructorWI
SOC 346Population ProblemsArielle KuperbergWI
SOC 361Health and SocietySteve Kroll-SmithWI
SOC 362Sociological Perspectives on EducationShelly Brown-JeffySI
SOC 364African-American Social ThoughtSteven R. CuretonSI
SOC 365Public Opinion and Mass CommunicationPaul LuebkeWI
SOC 366Sociology of ReligionKenneth Allan WI
SOC 370Environmental SociologySteve Kroll-SmithWI
SOC 371Immigration, Race and Ethnicity in a Global ContextAny InstructorSI
SOC 372Sociology of LeadershipFisherSI
SOC 377Disaster, Self, and SocietySteve Kroll-SmithWI
SOC 380Memory, Self, and SocietySteve Kroll-SmithWI
SOC 390African-American Perspectives on CrimeSteven R. CuretonSI
SOC 419Gender, Crime, and DevianceGwen HunnicutSI
SOC 420Family ViolenceSaundra WesterveltWI
SOC 425Contemporary Gangs in AmericaSteven R. CuretonWI
SOC 429Collective Violence and non Violence in Global PerspectiveGwen HunnicuttSI
SOC 430Miscarriages of JusticeSaundra WesterveltWI
SOC 441The Real YouKenneth Allan, Steven O'BoyleWI
SOC 490Seeing Society-Contemporary TheorySarah Daynes, Kenneth AllanWI
SPA 222Hispanic Masterpieces in English TranslationAny InstructorWI
SPA 233Women in Non-Western Cultures/Hispanic Culture and CivilizationsSuarezSI
SPA 311Intermediate Conversation in SpanishAny InstructorSI
SPA 312Spanish ConversationAny InstructorSI
SPA 313Conversation in Spanish-Speaking CountriesAny InstructorSI
SPA 315Intermediate Spanish CompositionAny InstructorWI
SPA 332Introduction to Spanish CultureAny InstructorWI
SPA 334Introduction to Spanish-American CultureAny InstructorWI
SPA 351Approaches to Hispanic LiteratureAny InstructorWI
SPA 402Spanish Literature IAny InstructorWI
SPA 403Spanish Literature IIAny InstructorWI
SPA 404Spanish American Literature IAny InstructorWI
SPA 405Spanish American Literature IIAny InstructorWI
SPA 411Advanced Spanish ConversationAny InstructorSI
SPA 415Advanced Spanish CompositionAny InstructorWI
SPA 416Spanish PhoneticsAny InstructorSI
SPA 499Internship in SpanishAny InstructorSI
SSC 300Doing Social SciencesAny InstructorWI
SSC 400Senior Seminar in Social SciencesAny InstructorWISI
STA 271/371Introduction to Applied StatisticsGrace KisslingWI
STA 301Statistical MethodsAny InstructorWI
SWK 310Social Welfare Policy and ServicesAny InstructorSI
SWK 325Research and Social Work PracticeAny InstructorWI
SWK 351Professional SkillsAny InstructorSI
TED 375Internship II: Inquiry in Teaching & LearningAny InstructorWI
TED 400Internship III: Inquiry in Teaching and LearningAny InstructorSI
TED 551Teaching Practices and Curriculum in English Any InstructorWI
TED 551Teaching Practices and Curriculum in EnglishMerrittSI
THR 100Drama AppreciationAny InstructorWI
THR 231Acting IAny InstructorSI
THR 305Development of American Musical TheatreAny InstructorWI
THR 320Oral InterpretationAny InstructorSI
THR 351Scene DesignAny InstructorSI
THR 361Costume DesignAny InstructorWI
THR 370Lighting DesignAny InstructorSI
THR 380PlaywritingAny InstructorWI
THR 381Oral InterpretationAny InstructorSI
THR 410Directing IAny InstructorWI
THR 460Advanced Costume DesignAny InstructorWI
THR 480Playwriting IIAny InstructorWI
THR 500Theatre History IAny InstrctorWI
THR 501Theatre History IIAny InstructorWI
THR 502Theatre History IIIAny InstrctorWI
THR 503Period Styles in Performance Design IAny InstructorSI
THR 504Period Styles in Performance Design IIAny InstructorSI
THR 510Directing IIAny InstructorWI
THR 584Theatre ManagementRobert HansenSI
UNS 110First Year ExperienceAny InstructorSI
VPA 323The Arts as Human Experience Larry LavenderWI
WCV 101Western CivilizationPaul Mazgaj, Mark MoserWI
WCV 102Western CivilizationMark MoserWI
WGS 250An Introduction to Women's and Gender StudiesAny InstructorWI
WGS 333Gendered WorldsAny InstructorWI
WGS 350Intro to Feminist TheoriesAny InstructorWI
WGS 490 Women's and Gender Studies Senior Capstone CourseAny InstructorWISI