RCO Course Offerings

In addition to Core, Residential College students may enroll in specially designed Residential College General Education Courses.

Spring 2017 Offerings:

Click here(pdf) to download full course descriptions.

Here are a few courses that will be offered in Spring 2017:

RCO 202 College Writing II Chrissy Flood GHP/GMO/SI TR 9:30-10:45
RCO 204 Rhetoric of Children’s Literature Christina Murrell GLT/WI TR 9:30-10:45
RCO 390 Digital Capstone Sara Littlejohn WI MW 2:00-3:15
RCO 101 College Writing I: Great Reading and Writing Matt McNees GRD TR 11:00-12:15
RCO 115 College Algebra Quinn Morris GMT MWF 11-11:50
RCO 155 Art of Discource Will Dodson GRD/SI TR 2:00-3:15
HSS 205 Animals and Ourselves in Art and Performance Larry Lavender GRD/SI TR 11:00-12:15
RCO 260 Creativity and the Arts Larry Lavender GRD/SI TR 9:30-10:45
RCO 221 Medieval Women: Daughters of Eve, Sister of Mary Anne Barton GHP/GPM/GL/WGS MWF 10:00-10:50
RCO 223 Global Politcs and Religion Bennett Ramsey GPR/GL TR 3:30-4:45
RCO 255 Earth Science Jay Lennartson GNS/GPS W 3:30-6:00
PSY 230 Biological Psychology Pam Ladrow GNS/GLS TR 2:00-3:15
MST 321 The American West in Film and Television Will Dodson SI M 2:00-4:50
HIS 347 History of North Carolina Christine Flood SI MWF 11-11:50