Month: September 2018

Episode Three – “The instructor sees me”

In this episode, I have a conversation with Anthony Verdino, staff social worker at the Counseling Center, in which we discuss generational differences in students, student mental health and its relationship to the classroom, and efforts on campus to appreciate gender diversity at UNCG.
If the podcast episode inspires you to learn more about the Counseling Center, then you can follow this link to their FAQ. Also, consider encouraging your students to attend their free & confidential workshops, especially if topics around sex and dating, 21st century technology and wellness, or medication would fit nicely with your learning outcomes – perhaps you could even give extra credit for a thoughtful write-up that links a workshop to course content!

Episode Two – “Well, we all have a terrible memory for names!” A Conversation with Michelle Miller

Today’s episode includes a discussion with Michelle Miller, author of Minds Online, about pedagogy related to attention, memory, and motivation.
If you would like to see video and other material from Michelle’s visit to UNCG’s Transforming Online Pedagogy and Practice Symposium (TOPPS), you can visit our UTLC YouTube Playlist for TOPPS 2018 or the TOPPS media website.