Month: March 2022

Small Steps, Big Impact Episode 7 – Asian/Asian American/Pacific Islander Students

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Our guests today are Dr. Edna Tan, Hooks Distinguished Professor of Teacher Education and Fellow for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Dr. Benji Chang, Associate Professor of Equity Education, both members of the Department of Teacher Education & Higher Education here at UNCG.  Our conversation today focuses on the importance of understanding the experiences of our Asian/Asian American/Pacific Islander students as they navigate Higher Education environments.  

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Quote from the Episode

The cultural assumptions of Asian students to say that they don’t ask any questions because they’re really smart and it’s their culture not to ask questions. It is certainly not the Chinese culture or the Singaporean culture.

About our Guests

Dr. Edna Tan

Edna Tan is Hooks Distinguished Professor of STEM education at the School of Education. Her community engaged  research investigates the design, support and outcomes of equitable and consequential STEM learning for historically minority youth across learning contexts and over time. She works with minoritized and refugee youth, middle school teachers and community members in both formal and informal science education settings. Her collaborative research has been published in the American Educational Research Journal, Teachers College Record, the Journal of the Learning Sciences, Journal of Research in Science Education, among others. In 2020, Dr. Tan was elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. She also drinks tea, walks her dog, and plays cello. 

Dr. Benji Chang

Benjamin “Benji” Chang is Associate Professor of Equity Education in the School of Education, and Affiliate Faculty in International & Global Studies.  He is also Adjunct Faculty at the Education University of Hong Kong.  Dr. Chang’s work focuses on teacher education, community engagement, and language, literacy and culture, particularly with minority and Asian diasporic communities.  He has published in venues like Theory Into Practice and Curriculum Inquiry, currently serves on the Teachers College Record Board, and is Co-Editor of Critical Inquiry in Language Studies (CILS) Journal. Prior to UNCG, Dr. Chang was a public school teacher, hip hop artist, and Postdoctoral Fellow at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Resources from the Episode

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