Vision Statement

The vision of the UTLC is for all UNCG constituents to be curious, thoughtful, and reflective learners.

Mission Statement

The mission of the UTLC is to promote, support, and enhance high-impact teaching, learning, and mentoring practices across all stages of an academic career.

About the UTLC

The UTLC is comprised of three areas: the Residential Colleges Office (RCO), the Teaching Innovations Office (TIO), and the Undergraduate Research Scholarship and Creativity Office (URSCO).  The primary function of the UTLC (i.e., to provide faculty development) is served most directly through the TIO, however the RCO and the URSCO promote faculty development through their unique interactions with select groups of students in ways that benefit faculty and foster intentional learning in the students they serve.  Through the TIO, we offer innovative programming and professional development resources and spaces aimed at encouraging our faculty community to explore, develop, and share ideas about teaching that foster innovative environments in which all learners can succeed.  Through the RCO, which oversees Ashby, Grogan, and Strong Residential Colleges, we provide support for faculty interested in piloting innovative course approaches with highly motivated students who are immersed in environments that integrate academic pursuits with residential life.  Through the URSCO, we provide professional development resources for faculty to encourage research skills development and to promote and support student success through faculty-mentored undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative inquiry.

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