High Impact Practices Committee (HIP C)

The UNCG HIP Committee is dedicated to promoting and supporting student success through engagement in quality High Impact Practices.

The HIP C harnesses the collective knowledge of our campus HIP leaders/facilitators to provide the most favorable environment for our students to access the opportunities most relevant to their personal and professional goals. The HIP C accomplishes its mission by:

  1. maintaining a community of HIP leaders/facilitators sharing best practices,
  2. advocating for student learning through HIPs, and
  3. implementing strategic priorities related to HIPs.


The HIP C will consist of campus leaders/facilitators in the 11 areas designated as High Impact Practices.

HIP Members
First-Year Seminars and Experiences  Bill Johnson (HHS), Shakima Clency (FFL)
Common Intellectual Experiences Shakima Clency (First-Year Common Read)
Learning Communities Jennifer Stephens (RCO)
Writing-Intensive Courses Jennifer Whitaker (Writing Center), Sara Littlejohn (WI Committee)
Collaborative Assignments and Projects John Sopper (Grogan: Team-Based/Project-Based Learning)
Undergraduate Research Lee Phillips (URSCO)
Diversity/Global Learning Patrick Lilja (Global Engagement)
Service Learning, Community-Based Learning Lauren Cunningham(OLSL)
Internships Nicole Hall (Career Services)
Capstone Courses and Projects Vaughn Stewart (Digital ACT Studio), Sara Littlejohn (Ashby & Strong), John Sopper (Grogan)
E-portfolios Vaughn Stewart (Digital ACT Studio)

Other Members: Jenny Dale (Libraries), Jacquelyn Jones (Retention), Joseph Green (Retention)

The HIP C will meet a minimum of four times each year. 2016-17 meetings are scheduled for 9:00 – 10:30 on the Friday September 1, November 10, February 9, and April 20. Additional meeting will be scheduled as needed.

Initially, the HIP C leadership will include co-Chairs, Phillips and Stephens. The Chairs are charged with setting the agenda and conducting regularly scheduled meetings. The committee will establish future leadership structure as a deliverable in year one of its existence.

The HIP C will focus on at least one area of faculty development each year, while promoting the HIPs for the UNCG community. Brown Bags will be held from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on September 21, November 14, February 22, and March 28.