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Teaching Tips:

As we work our way through to the end of the final exam period and begin an exceptional May, without our standard commencement activities and other celebrations, the Teaching Innovations Office wants to encourage you to take time for self-care and reflection. In that spirit, today’s tips share some simple prompts for addressing anxiety and burnout as we move into the summer:

  • (Re)articulating purpose. The circumstances of COVID-19 have required most of our actions in the past months to be reactionary for the most part. The daily tasks of our collective response can feel like they are driven by forces outside of our control. This lack of agency can be counteracted by reminding ourselves about the things that bring joy, meaning, and purpose to the work that we do in academia. As we move into the summer, take some time to reflect on these things. What do you value most about your teaching and research? Why do you find that meaningful, and how might you continue to embody those values?

  • Striving for balance. What fills your cup? What energizes you, and what can you do from home that can recreate the energizing moments from your prior daily activity? The drastic changes in the current conditions of our living and working necessitate a shift in the way that we structure our lives as we look for balance in the demands on our time and energy. One suggestion is to be deliberate in identifying the specific rituals that help ease into the day and then wind down, as the conditions of any given day allow. The core of all of the advice on burnout is doing the best you can in each moment and being okay with what that is.

These prompts come from a recent piece from InsideHigherEd, Beating Pandemic Burnout. Check out the article if you are looking for further ideas and prompts for these challenging times. Remember, as always, that you have a multitude of resources all across the UNCG community. One such resource is the upcoming Adapt 2020 Virtual Conference, if you find yourself ready to start thinking about the possibility of more online teaching and learning in the future. See below for more details on Adapt 2020.

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We need your input!

The UTLC will soon be building on the Teaching Tips format to include a podcast focused on more in-depth responses to the common questions and concerns faced by UNCG faculty. If you have something in mind that you want the UTLC to address, we invite you to send topics or specific questions to us at tio@uncg.edu, and stay tuned for the first episode of the podcast!

Library Tips

This semester, we add some tips from UNCG Libraries to our regularly scheduled programming! These tips are designed to help you better use the resources available through the libraries to achieve your teaching and learning goals. Did you know that UNCG’s Martha Blakeney Hodges Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) has an extensive online World War I Pamphlet Collection? As this month is the 101st anniversary of the United States’ involvement in the Great War, we would like to bring this collection to the forefront! These pamphlets were issued by governments of US allies and contain information ranging from first-hand accounts of wartime conditions, battle maps, photographs, and brochures that involve soldiers’ postwar rehabilitation efforts. These online primary sources are well suited for class projects that involve the history of World War I, government efforts to sway public opinion on the homefront to support the war, and the psychology of conflict. Please contact SCUA if you would like further information about how to incorporate this wonderful collection into your class curriculum.

Important opportunities are available!

URSCO Student Travel Grants

The Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creativity Office has limited resources to support student travel to disseminate results of scholarly inquiry at conferences/exhibitions. Support can include costs of travel, room, board, and registration. The maximum request amount is $500. Requests are due by the 1st of each month, with award announcement by month’s end. Funds are distributed as a reimbursement upon the completion of travel and presentation.

Opportunities for faculty in the Office of Research and Engagement

Click here for a list of deadlines, events, and upcoming workshops with the Office of Research and Engagement.