Small Steps, Big Impact Episode 14 – EDI and Wellness

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Our guest today is Jamie Stephens, Well-Being Specialist for Spartan Well-Being, part of Student Health Services here at UNCG.  Our conversation today focuses on the intersection of EDI and wellness.  

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According to the iBelong Survey results, 81% of students felt that diversity is a major priority at UNCG.

About our Guest

Jamie Stephens

Jamie is a lifelong North Carolinian, originally from Raleigh and growing up in Lake Toxaway.  She is a proud first-generation graduate and a two-time alum of UNCG.  Jamie has a BA in History, a Master of Public Health degree, and 10 years experience in college mental health. 

Jamie joined UNCG in 2012 and served the campus as the Coordinator for Outreach and Peer Education and has recently transitioned to a Well-Being Specialist position in the newly established Spartan Well-Being program area in Student Health Services.  Her areas of focus include mental health awareness, stigma reduction, suicide prevention, and peer health education.

Prior to higher education, Jamie worked in community mental health leadership where she conducted suicide prevention training programs for community groups and local non-profit organizations.

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