Small Steps, Big Impact Episode 15 – Introducing a Second Host for Series: Nodia Mena

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Our guest today is our new co-host for the Small Steps, Big Impact podcast series – Nodia Mena! In this episode, Brad introduces Nodia as she discusses her plans for future episodes.

Hosted by: Dr. Brad Johnson

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About our Guest

Headshot of Nodia Mena

Nodia Mena

Nodia C. Mena (she, her, hers), is a Ph.D. student in the Education Leadership and Cultural Foundations program at UNC-Greensboro. Her area of research is centered around racial and gender equity as well as educational justice. Nodia teaches Cultural Foundations of Education in the School of Education building. She is Garifuna, Black-Indigenous born in Honduras, Central America. Nodia served as the Lead Coordinator for the Afro-Latinx Consortium from August 2018 – June 2021. Nodia currently serves as Racial Equity Associate in collaboration with the Chancellor Fellow for Campus Climate at UNC-Greensboro. To learn more about Nodia, watch her TEDx Greensboro talk.