Join Your Residential College

How do I apply to a Residential College?

Log in to the same SpartanLink account you used to apply to UNCG and look for the question, “Do you want to apply to an RC?” Select “yes” to complete the RC application.

How do I decide which RC is right for me?

The Residential Colleges include students from across the University. In this multidisciplinary environment, students are encouraged to bring their unique experiences to each of their courses within the Residential Colleges. UNCG is excited to offer students the opportunity to choose between three Residential College options.

Each RC has a unique focus that will help students achieve a strong foundation in critical inquiry through courses that support their completion of a bachelors degree.

Ashby College has a curricular focus on contemporary media literacies and social justice, with many courses in the liberal arts that emphasize the humanities. Core courses ask students to expand their understanding of communication and literacy and its role in local and global contexts to include audio, gestural, visual, along with verbal written and oral discourse. This approach helps students to recognize, with intentionality, how they make meaning, interpret and create images, sounds, and words. Ashby College is located in Mary Foust Hall.

Grogan College focuses on professionalism and offers students a unique and transformative academic experience that builds foundational professional competencies through project-based learning. Students engage with real world applications related to their academic and professional interests to develop ethical reasoning, intercultural competency, teamwork skills and critical thinking – all important aspects of becoming successful professionals in their fields. Grogan College is located in Grogan Hall.

Strong College focuses on sustainability through hands-on research. With the goal of understanding sustainability and its broader implications, courses are designed to generate the challenges and possibilities of sustainability, including environmental social, cultural, ethical, political, and economic systems. Core courses are designed to to create opportunities for a new understanding of your community through a variety of approaches to learning and fieldwork experience, employing observations, interviews, analysis, and reflection that will help you make sense of your course material. Strong College is located in Guilford Hall.