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Ashby Residential College, founded in 1970, is the oldest residential college in North Carolina. We foster a living-learning, holistic academic community grounded in a tradition of liberal education and critical thinking. As a residential college, we offer a full range of classes in the residence hall that have a curricular focus of contemporary media literacies and ethical engagement in civic and academic life. We value faculty-student interactions and emphasize small-seminar classes that meet UNCG General Education Requirements (GEC).  Self-governing activities encourage students to integrate and apply knowledge to societal challenges, implement projects that foster personal development, innovation, and leadership.


As an inclusive two-year program that offers a unique living and learning environment for a co-ed student community, we have approximately 120 freshmen and sophomores with a limited number of Upper-Class Mentor participants. The Ashby experience provides a small liberal arts college environment within a large, public university, including immediate and complete access to the diverse facilities, programs, and departments of a larger university. Ashby provides a setting that encourages innovative study, small classes, unity of academic and social experiences, and close student-faculty contacts.

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