Ashby Faculty and Staff

Sara Littlejohn

Dr. Sara Littlejohn

Program Chair, Ashby College & Strong College
Sara Littlejohn is the Program Chair of Ashby College and Strong College at University of North Carolina Greensboro. Her research interests include digital language and literacy, rhetoric, terrestrial and online writing center theory, and composition theory. In her spare time she hangs on her front porch stairs with her cat Mycroft.

Christine Flood

Dr. Christine Flood

Associate Program Chair, Ashby College

Christine Flood has been teaching at UNCG since the last century, which is a much more exciting way to say 1999. She primarily teaches United States History, including seminars on the Supreme Court, historical films, and the Civil Rights Movement, and every so often a seminar on the Atlantic World. A graduate of the University of Maryland and UNCG, she recently completed her dissertation, tentatively titled “The Arbiters of Compromise: Sectionalism, Unionism, and Secessionism in Maryland and North Carolina.” She is married and has two boys, who quickly bore of her endless discussions on arcane yet fascinating historical subjects.

Will Dodson

Dr. Will Dodson

Residential College Coordinator
Will Dodson has been the Ashby Residential College Coordinator since 2011. He teaches rhetoric & composition, literature, and media studies courses. His research interests include neuroscience and interactionism, film and new media, feminism, and literary theory. His dream is to one day dream.

Anne Barton

Anne Barton

Associate Program Chair, Strong College

Anne Barton has been teaching history courses at UNCG since 1999, and she has taught a wide variety of courses in European history including Western Civilization, Medieval Legacy, Women and the Family in the Middle Ages, and Europe Since 1920.  Mrs. Barton studied French Literature (B.A.) and Medieval History (M.A.) at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and her particular fields of interest are monastic women and women and gender in the later medieval period.  She currently works and teaches in Strong Residential College and teaches such courses as Pre-Modern Cities and the Strong Core capstone there.  Mrs. Barton lives in Greensboro with her husband and teenaged daughter.


Instructor Profiles

Quinn Morris

Quinn Morris

Quinn Morris is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, where he has been teaching since 2011. His research interests include nonlinear partial differential equations and mathematical biology. In his spare time, Quinn is a high school and NCAA mens basketball official and college football fan. Quinn lives is Greensboro with his wife, Jenny.

Jay Lennartson

Dr. Jay Lennartson

Jay Lennartson received his B.A. in Earth Science from Southern Connecticut State University in 1980, an M.S. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee in 1988, and a Ph.D. in Climatology from UW-Milwaukee in 1997. He has been a member of the Geography faculty at UNCG since 1997. He is currently a Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies fro the Geography Department at UNCG, as well as Co-Director of the Integrated Science Major at UNCG, and is also actively engaged in the environmental studies program at UNCG. He conducts research in the areas of human environment relations, air pollution meteorology, and aviation meteorology. He teaches coursework in most areas of physical geography and the geosciences, but specializes in earth-systems science and weather and climate. His passions include, teaching Warren Ashby students (his favorite students in the whole wide world) about physical science and environmental issues, leading cohorts of UNCG students on study abroad trips to Southeast Asia, Europe, and (eventually) South America; and flying his plane to exotic destinations.

Matt McNees

Dr. Matt McNees

Matt McNees has a PhD in literature but has since generalized his scholarly efforts to include philosophy, history, literature and culture in an attempt to better ask meaningful questions about and propose worthwhile changes in our culture. All of his courses–from writing and composition to postcolonial and capital literature–rigorously examine the status quo. He hopes that his teaching methods both 1) demand intellectual habits that must stem from thoughtful reading, research and ethical self-examination as well as 2) create a space for students’ burning questions about reality.

Larry Lavender

Dr. Larry Lavender

Larry Lavender holds an MFA in Dance from UC Irvine and a Ph.D in Dance Education from New York University. Larry’s primary areas of research and teaching are in dance criticism and choreography. His book, Dancers Talking Dance: Critical Evaluation in the Choreography Class (1996), is used in dance departments worldwide. Larry has presented and taught all over the United States as well as in Great Britain, Mexico, Portugal, and New Zealand.

Ben Ramsey

Dr. Ben Ramsey

Bennett Ramsey is a faculty member in the Department of Religious Studies. Professor Ramsey has been teaching at UNCG since 1993 and also has taught at Emory University and Hamilton College. He received his PhD from Union Theological Seminary/Columbia University. He has previously served as the Director of Ashby Residential College. Dr. Ramsey’s scholarly and research interests and publications are in the areas of religious and social ethics. His current research focus is on the ethics and ethos of sustainable life.

Pam Ladrow

Dr. Pam Ladrow

Following a lengthy career in retail management, Pam Ladrow returned to school and completed the majority of her undergraduate credits as a non-traditional student in the frozen tundra at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. She moved to North Carolina in 1996 and completed her final semesters at UNCG, earning a B. S. in Nutrition in 1997. During her last semester, however, Pam enrolled in a biopsychology course and her quest to understand brain-behavior relationships was launched. She subsequently completed her PhD in Developmental Biopsychology at UNCG, and she continues to share her passion for the neural mechanisms of behavior as a senior lecturer and advisor in the Psychology Department.

Christina Murrell

Christina Murrell

Christina Murrell is a UNCG alum and worked for Ashby College while completing her graduate work. Her academic interests include early American literature, children’s literature, rhetoric, and writing composition. When she is not studying, Christina enjoys hiking, crocheting, and watching movies with her cat Zeva.
She is excited to be back at Ashby and can’t wait to see what the semester has in store!


Faculty Opportunities

If you’re interested in experimenting with innovative pedagogies in the Residential Colleges, contact Dr. Jennifer Stephens, Director of the Residential College Office.

We can offer you the opportunity to try out new approaches to teaching in a variety of formats. We look for instructors who want to make concepts of sustainability and fieldwork research part of their courses in Strong College’s core curriculum. For Ashby courses, we look for instructors interested in issues of social justice and students’ ability to navigate the multiple literacies of this (post)modern world.