Grogan Residential College

In Grogan College, who you are matters.  Beginning with the communities, passions, and goals you bring to campus, Grogan Residential College helps you connect your identity and passions to the knowledge, skills, and perspectives you will need for meaningful work and a fulfilling life beyond college. We strive to be a catalyst by helping you discover your work and preparing you to do it well.  We are a diverse, inclusive, and supportive community of faculty, staff, friends, and fellow students.  We value self-discovery, difference, inclusive equity, creativity, critical thinking, leadership, and professionalism.  If you are looking for a community that supports your personal, academic, and professional journey, and takes justice and diversity seriously, then make Grogan College your campus home.

As an inclusive two-year program, Grogan College is a co-ed student community, with approximately 180 first- and second-year students. The Grogan College experience provides a small liberal arts college environment within UNCG’s larger campus, including easy and complete access to UNCG’s facilities, programs, and departments. Grogan College encourages personalized and innovative study and careful attention to issues of social justice, particularly as they arise in the context of professional work.  We offer small classes, a unity of academic and social experiences, leadership opportunities, development of professional competencies, and close student-faculty interaction.

Innovative Classes

The RCs offer unique courses that are only open to fellow RC students. Grogan College’s specially designed Core courses and capstone experience use a project-based and team-based approach that joins self-exploration, leadership development, problem-solving, teamwork, and career exploration to the development of transferable professional competencies.  Grogan College Core courses meet Gen Ed requirements at UNCG.  Course titles have included The Modern History of Work, Millennial Narratives:  The Personal and Professional in Millennial Perspective, Ethics and Imagination, Science Fiction: Literature of Social Change, The Art of Resistance, and How to Get an Internship.

Life In Grogan

Life in Grogan College is primarily student driven.  Committed to learning by doing and to encouraging our students’ creativity, initiative, and responsibility, life in Grogan College unfolds through the many and diverse leadership opportunities, programs, and activities our students create.  Grogan College invites students to lead as Community Ambassadors who facilitate community building, Teaching Interns who assist in teaching our Core courses, and as Social Media Interns who curate our social media presence.  While we have long standing community traditions such as the annual Night of the Arts festival and our spring Masquerade Ball, we also encourage and facilitate all of our students to imagine, organize, plan, and carry out programs and activities they feel serve the needs and interests of the community.

About Grogan

Located in Grogan Residence Hall and named for Ione Holt Grogan, a mathematics Professor and residence hall Counsel while UNCG was the Woman’s College of North Carolina, Grogan Residential College was launched in 1997 to link the best in traditional liberal arts learning to the development of our students’ professional competencies and professional identities.  Grogan College’s Core courses use a project-based and team-based approach that emphasizes collaboration and the oral, written, and visual presentation of original student work.  Our courses also encourage the development of a social justice lens.  In addition, the Grogan College e-portfolio facilitates continuous and ongoing self-reflection that supports making connections between learning that happens in the classroom, in one’s personal life, and in the many co-curricular activities and programs available in Grogan and the larger UNCG community. Finally,  In their capstone course, students complete their Grogan College experience by conducting a research project of their own choosing and presenting their findings in various public context such as UNCG’s annual undergraduate research expo.

Take a Tour of Grogan Hall!

See what it looks like as a Grogan College student shows you around the residence hall and the program.

Contact Us

John Sopper, Program Chair and Adjunct Associate Professor in Religious Studies
Dr. Sarah Colonna, Associate Program Chair and Lecturer in Women’s and Gender Studies
Telephone: (336) 334-5898
Mailing Address:
Grogan Residential College
UNC Greensboro
PO Box 26170
122 Grogan Hall
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170


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