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Professionalism and Professional preparation is the centerpiece of Grogan College and its CORE Program.

Whether you plan to major in the performing arts or one of UNCG’s other Professional Schools, Grogan CORE is designed to provide you with essential competencies that will enable you to succeed in college and in your professional or artistic life beyond college.

  • Professionals in any field need expertise, skill and evidence based judgment.
  • Professionals exhibit a high degree of personal integrity, ethics and a commitment to service and the public good. They put their client’s interests and the public good at the forefront of all that they do.
  • Professionals are independent; they function both independently and as members of collaborative networks and professional teams.
  • Professionals know how to communicate, explain and advocate—they apply learning in real world settings to get the job done.
  • Improving their performance and keeping up with their field throughout their careers, professionals engage in continuous lifelong learning and enhancement of their skills and knowledge.
  • Engaged in demanding practices that address important human needs and real-world problems, professionals enjoy a high degree of personal satisfaction doing meaningful work that makes a difference and connects to their passion and sense of purpose.

With these professional qualities and competencies in mind, Grogan CORE provides opportunities for first and second year students to develop professionalism and a clear professional identity.




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Core and the Grogan College Curriculum:



Each semester that you are enrolled in Grogan you will take one of the Grogan CORE courses. These are specially designed courses open only to Grogan College students. Regardless of the topic, all Grogan core courses focus on developing essential professional competencies such as ethics and service, using evidence based judgment, communicating effectively, working independently and in teams, and connecting professional aspirations to personal values, passions and purpose.

Also, all Grogan CORE courses fulfill requirements of UNCG’s General Education Program so that no matter the direction you ultimately take, they will always contribute toward your degree from UNCG.

CLICK here for the list of the Spring 2018 Core Offerings.



All Residential College students enroll in RC courses. These courses are open to students across all three Residential Colleges and offer a variety of themes and topics.

 Key Components & Projects

Presentation / Performance Projects: Required for freshmen and open to interested sophomores, each fall Grogan College students have the opportunity to practice their communication skills and share their knowledge and sense of professional purpose through the annual Grogan College Presentations. These are typically group projects that run the gamut from poster exhibits and power point presentations about research or public service you’ve done to site-specific dances, dramatic performances or concerts of new music composed by students.
Portfolio:   Throughout your time in Grogan, you will be adding to and working on a professional learning portfolio that helps you take stock of your learning experiences in college both inside and out of the classroom. Your portfolio will demonstrate your growth and development and show how you are preparing for further studies and/or work in the real world. Like an extended multimedia “selfie”, the Grogan portfolio is both a learning tool and a way for you to explain your knowledge, skills and experiences to future employers and clients.
Capstone: Sophomores who are completing their Grogan College experience and preparing to graduate from the program participate in a self-designed capstone experience intended to pull together the most significant elements of their learning and to catapult them into their next big thing. Capstones can take many forms and they typically build on your portfolio and reflect your area of professional or artistic interest. For example, capstones might include significant service learning or internship experiences in a student’s’ chosen field, or a presentation of their portfolio and how they have developed as a professional and a student, or it might be an artistic performance, business plan, or undergraduate research project. Whatever the form, students use the capstone to reflect, summarize and communicate the journey they have taken and the important lessons learned. As such, the capstone helps students in Grogan College to ground learning in their personal sense of purpose and fulfillment while helping them communicate what they know and can do. In this way, Grogan students deepen the links between who they are, what matters to them and what they know how to do that are the bedrock of professional commitment and integrity.