Grogan College Peer Academic Leaders


You could be a member of the next group of Grogan Leaders!

Cynthia Wheeler (center) in her first year with her PAL Ebony Hogan

Cynthia Wheeler (center) in her first year with her PAL Ebony Hogan

As members of the Grogan Faculty, PALs are key components to building relationships and promoting the wellbeing of the Grogan community. All Groganites benefit from the mentoring and support of their Residential PALs. PALs are upperclassmen who live in the hall. Grogan PALs maintain and promote high academic standards and a serious commitment to learning. They lead by example by exhibiting and promoting personal integrity, professionalism, and a cooperative and positive attitude. Your PAL may offer to help organize study groups, take students to the Learning Assistance Center, the Writing Center, etc., encourage students to make wise use of their time, and to be actively involved in the intellectual life of the University and the public affairs of the larger world.


PALs Cynthia Wheeler and Lora Lynn Kennedy waiting for new Groganites, Fall 2013


PALs benefit from the opportunity to hone their leadership skills, demonstrate academic credentials and develop meaningful relationships with faculty in their Departments, which can lead to additional opportunities. They are often asked to represent Grogan College at forums, workshops and news conferences. Our PALs have been asked to meet with University Deans, the Chancellor and even the Governor of North Carolina.