Welcome to Strong College Core!

One of the reasons that Strong College is such a great place to live and take classes is because we have a curriculum that is designed to integrate and connect all of the experiences you have while you are here. Core classes are the backbone of that curriculum.

Every Core course, regardless of the content or subject, helps you focus on how to think about the world you live in. In particular, Core directs your attention toward how to talk about and make meaning from what you want to learn and know as a student in college.

With the goal of understanding sustainability and its broader implications, all Core courses are designed to generate a new perspective on both local and global settings. Through a variety of approaches to learning, you will conduct fieldwork, including hands on experience, observations, interviews, analysis and reflection that will help you make sense of your course material. For example, if you were in a history class, typically you might write a research paper or do a presentation, but with fieldwork you will actively participate in gathering research in the form of collecting data about what you see, hear, and touch. Hands on experience in the field can help you think about broader ways  to interpret sustainability, both locally and globally. How might your understanding of an idea or an experience shift as you participate in the research process?



Core and the Strong College Curriculum:


Strong College students take two (2) Core courses during their two years in the program. These are General Education courses that are designed to help you make connections between ideas and concepts presented in Core and your other courses at UNCG.

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Completion of a capstone course pulls together the Strong College experience. Every Strong College student completes a capstone course during the spring semester of their sophomore year. A capstone course will help you generate your Fieldwork Research Project (FRP).



All Residential College students enroll in RC courses. These courses are open to students across all three Residential Colleges and offer a variety of themes and topics.