Teaching Tools: Providing faculty with resources developed by Faculty Fellows at UNCG

The UTLC has a number of tools that have been developed by former Faculty Fellows, including videos, documents and tips for successful teaching.

GEC home line

Online Teaching Activity Index (University of Illinois)


Guiding Students as They Learn How to Think” (CTL Stanford)

Large Classes: Keeping the Energy in 220 Relationships at Once (CTL Stanford)

What do Teaching, Advising, Mentoring and Lecturing Have in Common? Almost Everything!” (CTL Stanford)

The Art of Discussion Leading: A Class with Chris Christensen” (CTL Harvard)

Thinking Together:  Art of Collaborative Learning (CTL Harvard):

Working in groups (text)

Art of questioning (text)

Techniques for responding (text)

10 Tips for Discussion Leading (text)

Discussion Tips (text)

Lecturing (text, multiple docs)

How to Speak: Lecture Tips from Patrick Winston (video)

More Tips for New Faculty

Tips for improving Powerpoint presentations can be found here. (CTL Harvard)

Tips for teaching large classes can be found here. (University of Texas Austin)

Tech infusion in learning, Dr. Diego Bonilla (video) (CTL Sacramento State)

10 things to make the first day successful (text) (CTL Sacramento State)

Icebreaker activities for the first day (text) (CTL Sacramento State)

What can we do on the first day of class (text) (CTL Sacramento State)

 Faculty Mentoring

Establishing a New Faculty Mentoring Program: Proposal Development,” an article co-authored by UTLC Mentoring Fellow, Susan Phillips

Faculty Mentoring: A Practical Manual for Mentors, Mentees, Administrators, and Faculty Developers, a book co-authored by UTLC Mentoring Fellow, Susan Phillips, is available for purchase here.

More information on mentoring can be found here on Susan Phillips’s UNCG Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders website.

TeMALe Course Redesign

UTLC TeMALe Course Redesign Fellow, Ian Beatty, provides several resources for integrating technology into the classroom here.

Flipped Classrooms

Research resources provided by the Flipped Learning Network–including a definition of Flipped Learning–can be found here.

Flipped Learning Network Videos about Flipped Instruction can be found here.

An infographic of the relationship between Flipped Instruction and Blended Learning can be found here.

An introduction to flipping by Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching can be found here.

Social Learning Platforms and the Flipped Classroom” by Albin Wallace, Executive Director of Research and Development, The Education Fellowship, UK

Below are some videos about flipped instruction by UNCG UTLC Fellow for Teaching with Technology, Kimberly Kappler Hewitt:

Introduction to the Flipped Instruction Cohort-Based Mini-Course:

Introduction to flipped instruction:

Below is a video by Kimberly Kappler Hewitt about Student Centered Learning:

 Communication across the Curriculum

Here is a link to a book by UTLC Fellow for Communication across the Curriculum, Bonnie Yarbrough, on Leading Groups and Teams, part of a series on Managerial Communication.