Teaching a hybrid or hyflex course takes some planning before the semester begins. To help you prepare, we have asked eight UNCG instructors questions regarding their recent experiences teaching in either hybrid or hyflex format. The videos below summarize the responses of the eight UNCG instructors.


Hybrid – Students are required to attend an in-class session, typically once a week, and complete the remainder of their coursework online. Students may or may not be required to attend additional class sessions, or participate in activities like discussion boards, virtually as part of class attendance. 

Hyflex – The course offers both in-class and online sessions. Students can decide to attend either the in-class or online session for a similar learning experience. Faculty may or may not require prior approval or notification of which session a student plans to attend each week. Faculty prepare for both in class and online instruction for all weeks of the class. 

It’s important to understand the differences between these delivery methods since some instructors chose one format over another or started with one format and moved to another based on the needs of the course. 

Course Structure

Additional Resources

ITS Learning Technology has created two Canvas templates that UNCG faculty can download and use to create a hybrid structure for your class. Watch this brief video to peek at these templates and learn how to download them into your Canvas site from the Canvas Commons. 

Wichita State University has a great hybrid course design website including considerations for planning, various approaches, and examples.

Sample Hybrid Course Syllabi from the Oregon State University has a syllabus checklist, template, and sample syllabi that you can review. Your syllabus is your first tool in your course to set expectations for your students for the semester.

The Blended Course Design Workbook (2017) by Kathryn E. Linder. The UNCG library has an eBook located here.

Best Practices

Additional Resources

Hybrid Learning @ Penn State – This resource has great lists of considerations and best practices that are worth a peek as you prepare.

Modifying Active Learning Activities for Distancing Table from Louisiana State University that offers alternatives to popular face-to-face active learning activities.

Online Learning Advisory Council – Online or Hybrid Course Syllabus, Suggested Guidelines, Best Practices, and Examples (This is a large document, give it a minute to download.)


Student Reactions

Planning for the Semester

Advice for Others