Teaching and Learning at UNCG

The former Teaching Innovations Office (TIO) is now the UTLC: Faculty Development area. UTLC: Faculty Development encompasses two groups: Learning Innovations & Pedagogy and Instructional & Multimedia Design.

The history of teaching and learning centers at UNCG has included many names: TLC, UTLC, FTLC, TIO, and now UTLC: Faculty Development. At the foundation, our focus is the same – promoting best practices in teaching and learning while supporting faculty and instructors in their teaching.

The UTLC: Faculty Development is located at 1100 West Market St. Come and join us!

Who We Are

With expertise in a number of areas, UTLC: Faculty Development can help in everything from curriculum design to technology exploration. Check out our latest offerings (Click Here) or contact us (Click Here) to find out more.

  • Our Mission & Goals

    The Teaching Innovations Office (TIO) is transitioning to the UTLC: Faculty Development and encompasses broad support for teaching and learning at UNCG. We are in the process of developing our new shared Mission and Goals.

    In the meantime, we will still use the guiding mission and goals of the former Teaching Innovations Office (TIO) to support and advocate for a scholarly and effective teaching culture that: embraces innovation and inclusion, facilitates connections and leadership, and promotes an exploration of pedagogy and practice dedicated to learning.

    Goal 1: The research and dissemination of scholarly and effective pedagogy and practice.

    Goal 2: Facilitate connections for instructors to resources and the development of teaching networks for a scholarly and effective teaching culture.

    Goal 3: Provide instructors with opportunities and space to practice and apply scholarly and effective teaching practice. 

    Goal 4: Promote and advocate for a campus culture of scholarly and effective pedagogy and practice.

    Currently, UTLC: Faculty Development supports the the Advancement of Teaching and Learning through three strategic areas: equity, diversity, and inclusion; evidence and scholarly-based pedagogy; and learner-center practice.  UTLC: Faculty Development seeks to support the campus in these areas through programming, partnerships, research, and campus service.

  • Program & Teaching Philosophy

    Teaching Innovations Office (TIO) has modeled their goals and mission on the Toward a Liberated Learning Spirit (TALLS) Model for Developing Critical Consciousness (Pipe & Stephens, 2019, 2021; Stephens & Pipe, 2020). TALLS infuses established equity practices with indigenous approaches to learning, particularly the work of Marie Battiste (2010) on the Learning Spirit  and  Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Six Steps for Nonviolent Social Change. By re-engaging curiosities, TALLS guides learners from academic detachment through an unlearning process toward embodied liberation. The work of Learning Innovations & Pedagogy begins with an examination of established literature and known best practices in teaching and learning, and then leads participants through a process of engaging with and applying new pedagogical approaches that embrace innovation. This process promotes a cycle of continuous development and  learning for the UNCG community.

    Our Shared Teaching Philosophy

    We seek to inspire the community in their pursuit of knowledge and innovation that honors creativity, inclusion, exploration, risk, and learning in its diverse forms and applications.