Faculty Development Resources On Demand

Workshops, Programs, and Consultations are helpful, but sometimes you want to access tools on your own timeline. The On Demand Resource section of the UTLC: Faculty Development site offers faculty and instructors teaching support 24/7. Click on the links below to access the latest resources from the UTLC: Faculty Development.

Also, check out the UNCG Sample Syllabus as a starting resource. **Updated: Sample Syllabus for UNCG** (Google Doc for download) 

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The Jane D. Harris Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Library features a large collection of books and resources for supporting teaching and learning on campus. The collection is open for browsing or for check-out. Books range from common best practices for all courses to specialized support for disciplines. Stop by and “check-out” all the resources we have to offer.

List of Books in the Library  


Jane D. Harris, Ph.D.

Image courtesy of Jane D. Harris

Jane D. Harris was a cornerstone of teaching and learning at UNCG until her retirement in 2019. Jane served as the Academic ITC for the School of Health and Human Sciences, but was engaged in developing a campus culture for excellence in teaching and learning. She engaged UNCG in all of its various stages of teaching culture during her tenure. She continues to be an active member of the Greensboro and UNCG community.