Recognize an Instructor

  • Erin Speer, Theatre

    Whitney Bennett says:

    “Erin Speer has gone out of her way to make her course just as wonderful as it would be if it was all in person. She is very mindful of all her students needs and she always brings her full energy to class. Her teaching inspires me as an education major.”

  • Debra Holzberg, Specialized Education Services

    Shelby Morris says:

    “I just wanted to take a moment of my time to thank you for your support this year. Last semester when things started to fall apart, your class was the one thing that remained constant. We met every week, and you always did your best to provide us with the necessary information we need to become great teachers one day. You also made time to share words of encouragement when you could tell we were feeling down, which always made me feel a little more at ease. Your feedback on our final projects was detailed and encouraging, which meant a lot to me. I learned so much from you, and I want to thank you for everything you do. Keep being you!! (-:”

  • Garrett Klein, Music

    Anonymous says:

    “Dr. Klein has brought a new attitude to the trumpet studio that is a fresh breath for all of us. Sometimes, trumpet players can be very competitive, but Dr. Klein has created an environment that is supportive, conducive for quality learning, and catering to our post graduation decisions. I always walk away a better musician whenever I leave a class or lesson. I am beyond grateful for his hiring last spring.”

  • Julie Boyer, Honors College

    Rachel Tang and Anna Morse say:

    “You have done an amazing job at starting hard conversations, keeping discussion going when people don’t want to talk, and managing disagreements between students during these discussions. You have been incredibly supportive and have created a safe space for people. You genuinely care about us, our futures, and our success. You give us somewhere to voice our concerns and talk things through, making it very clear that you are here for us and on our side. Thank you for caring so much and making us feel welcome and understood!”

  • Heather Holian, Art History

    Anonymous says:

    “I deeply appreciate how accessible your online course is, and how concise/easy to communicate you are. I know that online teaching is not your preference at all, and I miss how inspiring and powerful your in-person lectures feel! But truly I wish more professors organized your classes like you. I was supposed to go to Italy with you this summer which obviously did not happen but I hope to join the program again someday. Anyways just thought you deserved some appreciation, and thank you for all that you do :-)”

  • Julie Bost, Specialized Education Services

    Shelby Morris says:

    “I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your hard work and support this semester. While many things have changed, I recognize that you put a lot of work into our classes to try to help us better understand how to work with students with disabilities. Your detailed and meaningful feedback on assignments is appreciated, and I have learned so much from you over the past year. Your optimism is always such a joy, and I thank you for all you do. Keep being you! (-:”

  • Rachel Briley, Theatre

    Anonymous says:

    “You are an inspiring human being. Your positive outlook on people and life makes me want to be a better person. Thank you for being you!”

  • Rebecca MacLeod, Music

    Anonymous says:

    “Thank you for making a way for us to play music in this hard time!”

  • Nannie Wooten, Teacher Education

    Shelby Morris says:

    “I just wanted to take some time to thank you for your guidance and support this semester. Things have been crazier than I ever imagined they could be, but your words of encouragement and willingness to help us work through difficult situations has made it so much easier. I know that student teaching will not be the same, however I am confident that with your feedback on my lessons I will be more prepared than ever to take on the task. Thank you for everything you do. It means a lot. (-:”

Has one of your instructors this year made a difference in your academic life? Did someone inspire you or keep you going when things got tough?

Consider taking a moment out of your day to thank your instructor. Your submission on the form below will be sent from the Teaching Innovations Office to your instructor. Your message can remain anonymous or include your name, based on your preference indicated on the submission form. With your permission, your comments may also be displayed on our website for the rest of the UNCG community to see.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this project?

This year has been one like none other in our history. UNCG faculty have dedicated themselves this year to finding new ways to teach their courses including converting courses online, embracing new technology, and exploring new classroom approaches. This project allows students to share their gratitude to their instructors for their work and dedication. 

What is the process for this project?

Students can use the form above to recognize any instructor from Spring, Summer and Fall 2020 semesters. Deadline for submitting your form is the end of the day, November 13, 2020. Submissions are reviewed by the staff of the Teaching Innovations Office. A staff member may reach out to the student who submits the form to ask for clarification. Emails are sent to the instructor shortly after the form is reviewed to both the instructor and their Department Chair. If the student and instructor gives us permission, the Teaching Innovations Office can display your comments to your instructor on our website. 

I can’t see the form. Any help?

The form requires that you are signed in to your UNCG account credentials ( in order to see the form. We use your email to verify your submission. If you cannot see the form, try signing out of any other accounts before refreshing this page. You could also try opening this page in another browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) in order to sign in with a different account.

What if I want to say thanks, but I don’t want my name mentioned? Is that possible?

Yes, if you indicate on the form that you want to stay anonymous, your instructor will not see your name. The email to the instructor is sent from the UTLC office email account and your email address is never listed. 

When I submitted my form, I asked for my comments to be displayed on your website. When I looked at your website, I didn’t see my comments. What could be happening?

When we send your comments to your instructor, we ask your instructor if it’s OK to display this message on our website. Your instructor can decide to keep your comments private and not displayed on our website. 

Can I use this form to complain about one of my instructors?

This is not the proper venue to use to complain about your instructor. Any form that contains derogatory comments towards an instructor will be not sent to that instructor nor displayed on our website.