Instructional Resources

UNCG offers instructors many possibilities in the design and organization of their courses. Connect with an Instructional Technologist to discuss ideas to build more robust and creative courses. Instructors are also encouraged to use the following tools:

  • Academic Technology Specialist (ATS) consultations: contact your departmental ATS for a face-to-face or virtual consultation for assistance integrating learning technology into your curriculum.
  • UNCG’s online hub for web accessibility support services and educational resources for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Canvas QuickStart: a self-paced module designed to help teachers learn how to use the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) effectively in brick-and-mortar classrooms and online learning environments.
  • This website is designed as a copyright resource for UNCG faculty members concerned with copyright issues surrounding both teaching and research.
  • Liaison Librarians: contact your library liaison for assistance locating ebooks, articles, and/or streaming media to enhance your online class. Liaisons can also provide synchronous or asynchronous online information literacy instruction to undergraduate or graduate courses.
  • Online Learning Level 1: an 8-week online course that guides teachers on how to start and complete the online course design process.
  • Proctoring @ UNCG: This site is your resource for proctoring information at UNC Greensboro. If you’re a student, you’ll find valuable tips on preparing for your upcoming test. If you’re an instructor, you’ll find a selection of research insights regarding proctoring and practical steps for setting up proctoring for your class.
  • Ready to Teach (RTT): an instructional suite of modules designed to help you navigate the stages of online course development and teaching.
  • STEM Resources. A resource page for STEM faculty including links to virtual labs and interactive simulations.
  • UDOIT user guide: UDOIT scans your Canvas course, generates a report of accessibility issues that could impede your students’ ability to learn, and provides resources for addressing these issues.
  • The University Speaking Center: Newly curated web page for UNCG faculty teaching Speaking Intensive courses in the fall. Features content ready for teaching oral communication competencies online, additional support includes scheduling peer tutoring sessions, development and facilitation of live workshops, micro-learning videos and/or modules for integration into your Canvas site regardless of how the course will be delivered.

Additional Resources