MAC Course Development Tools

The Minerva Academic Curriculum (MAC) will debut fall 2021 and require the revision of courses and development of new courses. The MAC model is shaped by eleven competencies.

  • Course Design Support:

    The MAC Incubator is now available as a self-enroll canvas org. This self-paced course course design org provides resources on (re)designing courses to be included in UNCG’s new general education program. The canvas site includes support for advancing your course design, developing a community of practice for each competency, and preparation for the expedited review process.  

    Follow this link to enroll in the canvas course.

The new MAC Curriculum is organized by 11 competencies that provide a holistic approach to student learning at UNCG. Each competency and corresponding rubrics can be found here.   

Shifting to the New MAC Model with Competencies

The use of competencies shifts the learning focus of the new MAC from traditional content mastery to an integrated approach. This moves learning from demonstration of content mastery to content understanding. The chart below outlines the differences between traditional learning methods and the new learning perspective.