TOPPS: Transforming Online Pedagogy and Practice Symposium, May 7-11

TOPPS is a series of events during the week May 7-11, 2018 aimed at UNCG faculty members who either teach online or use online resources for instruction. Follow this link for more information on the daily sessions and the two-part workshop series with keynote speaker, Dr. Michelle D. Miller, author of Minds Online.

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

An instructor sits in front of a class using virtual reality headsets

Students in ADS 201 get ready for a virtual tour of a plantation using Google Expeditions

Students with virtual reality headsets in the classroom

Students look around the 3D virtual space

Tablet screen with Google Expeditions interface

The instructor can track student engagement through Google Expeditions

Technology-Enhanced Pedagogy Demos

Virtual reality using Google Expeditions?

Catchbox throwable microphone for large classes?

We want to help you implement innovative technology, so use our consultations form to set up a demo of a technology that you are considering using in your classroom.

UTLC Resources for Technology-Enhanced Pegagogy