Upcoming Programs

* Please note:  Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, the Teaching Innovations Office in the UTLC: TIO will Keep It Digital for spring events. This is our part in keeping campus moving and well. Given the latest updates and projections, we hope to be back face-to-face in Fall 2021. TIO will provide virtual options for programs and support. Having digital options keeps us all together while at a distance. **

  • ADAPT2021: Reimagining What’s Possible

    Adapt 2021 Virtual Conference – May 10th and May 11th. 
    Register Now. Registrants can both attend live sessions and access recordings of all sessions.


    This year, Adapt 2021 will center around the joy of teaching, learning, and scholarship. Join us as we learn how others have innovated to overcome obstacles, create meaningful learning experiences for their students, and how this will impact our practice as we work through the pandemic and beyond.


    We’ll consider how we can create connections and humanize learning in face-to-face, online, hybrid, and hyflex environments. Come prepared to reimagine what’s possible for teaching and research as we explore the use of technology to support and enhance our activities and goals. And, as we continue to adapt what we do, we will spotlight equity, diversity, and inclusion practices essential to our mission and values.

    To ensure that this conference offers a variety of options for our entire UNCG community, different themed tracks of sessions will be offered including – The Joy of Teaching, EDI, Virtual Research, and Basic/Advanced Technology.

    Keynote Address – TBA

    A sneak peek at the 40-plus sessions scheduled so far is coming soon.

  • ATL Grants

    **ATL GRANTS GET A NEW LOOK IN 2021-2022!**

    New ideas are meant to incubate! The New ATL Grants will offer a wider array of scholarship and practice opportunities. In 2021-2022, the TIO will offer two types of ATL Grants for faculty and instructors:  ATL SoTL Fellowship Grants and ATL General Mini-Grants.

    ATL SoTL Fellowship Grants

    The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is at the heart of best practice. The new ATL SoTL Fellows will author and promote pedagogy and practice scholarship that amplify UNCG’s unique position in academia and strengthen the field of SoTL.

    TIO will offer four SoTL Fellowships for the 2021-2022 academic year. Fellows will develop individual SoTL projects within one of five areas:

    • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)
    • Hybrid/Hyflex Teaching
    • Universal Design for Learning
    • Mentoring
    • General Teaching and Learning

    Fellows will receive a stipend of $1,000 for their work ($500 each semester), and will participate in a cohort writing process centered around the book Engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: A guide to the process, and how to develop a project from start to finish (Cathy Bishop-Clark & Beth Dietz-Uhler).

    Applications will be available in August 2021 and are due September 15, 2021. Applicants should have a general idea of a project they wish to pursue when applying.


    ATL General Mini-Grants

    General Mini-Grants are structured similarly to prior ATL Grants. Awardees are expected to document their work and share it for inclusion in the TIO On Demand Resources. Grants can be used to research, develop, and implement strategies in the following categories:

    • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)
    • Hybrid/Hyflex Learning
    • Innovations in Teaching and Learning
    • General Pedagogy and Practice

    Each Mini-Grant consists of $300 in state-funds. Applications for fall open in August 2021 and close on October 8, 2021. Applications  for spring open in January 2022 and close on March 4, 2022. Awardee blog posts are due to the UTLC by January 7, 2022 and May 27, 2022.

    Mini-Grants will be awarded on a rolling-basis until their respective close date or funding for the semester has been depleted. Applicants are asked to plan and apply early.  Awardees can receive only one (1) grant each academic year. 

    Applicants are encouraged to meet with their respective budget officer to understand the possible uses of state funds. Funds will be distributed to the awardees home department (and will require a fund and index number) or items will be purchased by the UTLC. 

  • Digital Drop-ins

    Join TIO and our campus partners for Digital Drop-ins (formerly TIO Live!). Digital Drop-ins are a great opportunity for faculty and instructors to explore new technology, ask questions about pedagogy and practice, and get immediate help. Drop-ins are first come, first serve and all are welcomed. 

    Save the Date!

    Fall 2021: August 12 & August 20 (9am-3:30pm)

    Spring 2022: January 14, 2022 (9am-3:30pm)

  • DiversityEDU

    DiversityEdu is an online module through Canvas that offers faculty and staff skills-based development in areas of equity and diversity. Using case scenarios and practical application, DiversityEdu is a research-based resource for faculty and staff as UNCG continues to strive for inclusive excellence. Participants have access to two module types: a faculty/staff module or an academic search committee module. Participants who complete either of the two-hour modules will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Office of the Provost. Space is limited in both modules, so sign-up early and don’t miss this great opportunity. 

    Register for DiversityEdu

  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Institute

    Save the Date!

    • EDI Institute Fall 2021: August 6-September 24, 2021
    • EDI Concluding Luncheon: September 24, 2021 (11am-12:30pm, Faculty Center)

    The annual EDI Institute gets a new look for fall 2021! Join TIO and RCO for a hybrid experience diving into difficult dialogues, foundations of equity pedagogy, and deep exploration of cultural responsive teaching. The Institute concludes with lunch and a great conversations.

    Save the Next Date!

    • EDI Institute Spring 2022: January 21-March 3, 2022
    • EDI Concluding Luncheon: March 3, 2022 (11am-12:30pm, Faculty Center)


  • Gatherings

    Coffee House is staying virtual for spring 2021! Bring your own coffee or beverage and we will bring the zoom room. Join TIO for the new Virtual Coffee House, and gather around with colleagues about teaching. Watch the UTLC newsletter for dates and zoom links.

    **Coffee House returns to the Faculty Center in fall 2021!**

    Coffee Houses are a space to gather with colleagues. No set agenda, just coffee (or tea), snacks, and great conversation. **This year, in an effort to become more sustainable, TIO will be giving out reusable coffee mugs at your first Coffee House. Remember to bring it with you to the remaining Coffee Houses. 

    Save the Dates for Fall:
    • Wednesday, August 25, 2021 (9am-10am)
    • Thursday, September 9, 2021 (9am-10am)
    • Wednesday, September 22, 2021 (9am-10am)
    • Thursday, October 7, 2021 (9am-10am)
    • Wednesday, October 20, 2021 (9am-10am)
    • Thursday, November 4, 2021 (9am-10am)
    • Wednesday, November 17, 2021 (9am-10am)
    Save the Dates for Spring:
    • Thursday, January 13, 2021 (9am-10am)
    • Wednesday, January 26, 2021 (9am-10am)
    • Thursday, February 10, 2021 (9am-10am)
    • Wednesday, February 23, 2021 (9am-10am)
    • Thursday, March 17, 2021 (9am-10am)
    • Wednesday, March 30, 2021 (9am-10am)
    • Thursday, April 14, 2021 (9am-10am)
  • Graduate Teaching Fellows Program

    The Graduate Teaching Fellow position is an opportunity for graduate students to explore, develop, and teach a course as part of the UNCG Residential Colleges General Education curriculum.

    Participating students will be paired with a distinguished faculty mentor in the area of equity, diversity, and inclusion. The faculty mentor will assist the student in the exploration, development, and teaching of courses incorporating equity, diversity, and inclusion with content from the student’s respective discipline.

    Selected Graduate Teaching Fellows will be expected to:

    • Participate in monthly workshops and training related to developing an inclusive classroom, incorporating equity and diversity in the curriculum, and the role of the faculty in facilitating a just learning space.
    • Meet with their faculty mentor regularly to explore the challenges, benefits, and importance of teaching equity and diversity.
    • Work with the Teaching Innovations Office on the production of a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project to be shared with campus.
    • Develop a teaching portfolio including: teaching philosophy statements, sample assignments, sample syllabi, and diversity statement. 

    Learn More and Apply 

  • Literary Circles

    Literary Circles unite faculty around a particular topic and reading related to the scholarship on teaching and learning. We provide the books, and you provide the thoughtful conversation!

    Check out the options below! Also, if you’re curious for more readings related to teaching and learning, you can click here to see the list of past literary circle books.

    ** Fall 2021 Offerings Announced** communities start September 2021!

    Spring 2022 Offerings – communities start February 2022

  • New Faculty Initiatives

    New Faculty Programs are designed specifically with new faculty in mind. Join TIO as you get to know campus and build your teaching network.

    • ** New Faculty Programming has concluded for Fall 2020 & Spring 2021.

    SAVE THE DATE: The Fall 2020/Spring 2021 New Faculty Luncheon will Be August 9, 2021 (noon-2pm, Faculty Center)!

    New Faculty Orientation 2021/2022

    • NFO 2021 will be completed in a hybrid format via canvas. 
    • New Faculty should complete (after receiving your UNCG Credentials):
    • Save the date: August 9, 2021 (NFO Welcome Event in the UNCG Faculty Center)
      • Information will be emailed to registered NFO participants


  • Online Learning Levels

    Level 1:

    Designing an online course can be a challenging process, but it does not have to be. That’s why we created Online Learning Level One. Together we can help you create a pedagogically-sound, technologically-strong online course for an upcoming semester.

    This 8-week online course will give you guidance on how to start and complete the online course design process. A facilitator will give you feedback and suggestions every week of the course. After you register below, you will receive notification that you have a development site in your Canvas account. This development site is where you will create your online class.

    Ideal for instructors ramping up to teach online for the first time!

    Next Offerings:

    Online Learning Level One – Summer 2021, May 10th – July 2nd

    ** Note: Completion of Online Learning Level One fulfills the requirements for initial development for online instruction at UNCG.  

    Level 2:

    If you have taught online before you are ready to explore new approaches and strategies, Online Learning Level Two is your starting place. Participants review the latest research about what works in online environments, learn new ways for students to collaborate online, create new resources with media tools, explore new ways to facilitate and create assessments and experience a variety of communication tools from the viewpoint of a student.

    Ideal for instructors who have taught online before and are comfortable with Canvas, but want to do more with their online courses!

    Current participants emphasize that the course is an important source of accountability as they work on an upcoming course.

    Next Offerings:

    Online Learning Level Two – Spring: March 8 -April 30, 2021

    Online Learning Level Two – Summer 2021, May 10th – July 2nd

    **Note: Online Learning Level Two and Level Three fulfill the requirements for continuing professional development for online instruction at UNCG.

    Level 3: 

    If you have taught online before and you are ready to explore new approaches and strategies, Level Three is a great option. Participants are matched up with a colleague for peer review of an online course. Peer review is a formative process that gives UNCG faculty an opportunity to get feedback about a past or future online course. Participants will have their chosen course peer-reviewed by another participant and review another participant’s course. Peer feedback in Online Learning Level Three is based on several validated rubrics for online learning.

    Level Three involves a required, synchronous session for facilitating the peer review process.
    During the review, a peer uses five common standards to review your course. Participants can select additional standards to review either during the registration process or during the synchronous session.  
    Next Offerings:
    **Note: Online Learning Level Two and Level Three fulfill the requirements for continuing professional development for online instruction at UNCG.
  • Quality Matters Workshops

    May 20th and 21st: “Applying the Quality Matters Rubric” Workshop

    You are invited to join the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric workshop facilitated by Amy Brown and Audrey Bryk-Lee. This workshop introduces participants to the Quality Matters Rubric and how to apply its standards to develop high-quality online courses and evaluate them.

    This workshop occurs over 2 days virtually in Zoom: 

    • Thursday, 05/20/2021, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

    • Friday, 05/21/2021, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

    The Quality Matters workbook and handouts will be provided to you digitally.

    There is no cost to you for this offering of the workshop.  This workshop counts towards the continuing professional development requirement for online instructors.

    For registration instructions and other helpful details, please refer to the Quality Matters Workshops Document.

    If you have questions please contact Susie Boles at sebaker2@uncg.edu. UNCG Online has organized this workshop for faculty and staff.

    Future Offerings:

    Fall, August 5 &6, 2021: Applying the QM Rubric

    • October – Applying the QM Rubric. 
    • January – Applying the QM Rubric. 
    • April –  Applying the QM Rubric. 
    • May – Applying the QM Rubric. 

    Summer, June 14-25 for 2021: Improving Your Online Course QM training
    • August –  Improving Your Online Course QM training. In person workshop.
    • December – Improving Your Online Course QM training. 
    • May – Improving Your Online CourseQM training.
    • June – Improving Your Online Course QM training. 


  • Strengths Coaching

    CliftonStrengths, from Gallup, is based on the work of Don Clifton, and focuses on discovering the talents that excite and engage people with their work, each other, and their lives.

    Don Clifton believed that the key to engagement was helping people discover the talents that come naturally to them.

    For many of us, 70% of what we do comes intuitively to us, while 30% of what we do requires significant focus. Clifton wondered if we could leverage our natural ways of seeing (or talents) to make 100% of what we do intuitive. That means, by aligning your teaching with your natural strengths and talents – you can improve your teaching and engage in fulfilling practice.

    The TIO offers dedicated faculty and instructor Strengths Coaching focused on aligning strengths and teaching practice. 

    Learn More Here

  • Teaching Squares

    Get Square2d – Join a TIO Teaching Square

    Introducing Teaching Squares in fall 2021! Teaching Squares is a national program aimed to give faculty and instructors insights and non-evaluative observations and feedback about their teaching.

    Teaching Square focal topics for Fall 2021:

    • Hybrid Course
    • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
    • Online Engagement

    Use this form to start the process.

    How does it work?

    A group of four faculty members are matched together to discuss a specific aspect of their teaching for one semester, in which each member will visit the classrooms of the other three faculty members and then meet again to reflect on their observations.

    Typical Approach:

    Week 1 & 2: Faculty members will fill out a form to share their interest in participating. Faculty members will then be placed into their Teaching Squares.

    Week 5: The four faculty members of a Teaching Square will meet together for introductions, discussion of the overall theme, and time to set their calendars for class observations.

    Week 7 – 11: Visit one of the classrooms for one of the other three faculty members in the Teaching Square. Provide feedback to that faculty member.

    Week 12-14: Meet as a group to share observations and reflections. 

    Note: Timeline adjustments can be made at the decision of the four participating faculty members. Feedback methods used after a class observation are up to the participating faculty members.

    Want to sign up? Use this form to start the process.

  • Thank an Instructor

    Did one or more of your instructors this semester keep you motivated to do your best work during a global pandemic? If so, please consider taking a moment to send your gratitude via UNCG’s Thank An Instructor Program. 

    How this works:
    1. You fill out a brief form sharing your message for your instructor. You can decide if you want to share your name or not. 
    2. The Teaching Innovation Office delivers your message via email to your chosen instructor.
    3. We ask the instructor if it’s Ok to display your kind message on our website. You can decide if you want your name displayed on our website on the form. 
    This brief act of gratitude has the potential to remind your hard-working instructors that the extra work and dedication displayed this semester did not go unnoticed. During stressful times like these, it’s important that we acknowledge the extra work and effort of our UNCG faculty. 
    (Please note that this form requires you to be logged into your UNCG email account.)
    Thank-an-Instructor messages for Spring 2021 will be collected through Wednesday, May 5th.

    From students, for faculty: a panel of student experiences

    Join us for a conversation about key UNCG student experiences in the classroom and beyond. VOISES panels provide a venue for faculty to hear the perspective of students from marginalized identity groups on campus. These moderated panels give faculty the chance to ask questions while reflecting on issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion at UNCG.

    **Note, VOISES will return in SPRING 2022!! 

    Save the Date

    January 19, 2022 (1-2pm) – Faculty Center

    February 1, 2022 (10-11am) – Faculty Center

    February  17, 2022 (10-11am) – Faculty Center

    March 23, 2022 (1-2pm) – Faculty Center

    April 12, 2022 (1-2pm) – Faculty Center

    VOISES Celebration: April 19, 2022 (3:30-4:30pm) – Faculty Center

TIO Areas of Focus & Teaching Resources:

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Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion in the Classroom

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