Carolyn & Norwood Thomas Undergraduate Research and Creativity Expo

16th Annual Thomas Undergraduate Research and Creativity Expo


April 14, 2022




What is the Expo?

The expo is the campus-wide celebration of undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activities. All students engaged in faculty-mentored scholarly inquiry are encouraged to participate. Students are eligible to compete for program recognition, which includes monetary awards. Those students who wish to be considered for evaluation must have their mentor’s approval. Course-based undergraduate research projects are also encouraged.

Preparing for the Expo? Resources for Students


Frequently Asked Questions

Which presentation type should I choose?
  • Exhibit -Exhibit: designed for the visual arts and will be displayed with the posters.  Entries can include visual or written works, such as art pieces, architectural models, built structures, sculpture, etc. Entries in this category will be pre-juried. For more information, please contact the School of Art Director, Professor Chris Cassidy (  This is a Virtual Exhibit and all works should include dimensions.
  • Oral presentation -Students who present in this format will stand in front of an audience to discuss their research. Each presentation will be allotted a total of 12 minutes, please allow 2-3 minutes for questions (i.e., students could plan to talk for 10 minutes and use 2 minutes for questions and answers). Each of the oral presentation rooms are equipped with a computer and projector. (All presentations will be virtual and pre-recorded for the 2021 Expo.) We can also accommodate panel discussion.
  • Scholarly Performance -Students presenting a previously recorded performance will be allotted a total of 15 minutes, including the question and answer sessions. For example, the student could use the first 2 minutes to explain the work, use 10 minutes show the performance and use the last 2-3 minutes for questions/answers. Entries in this category will be pre-juried.
  • Poster presentation – (The 2021 Expo poster session will be virtual and will be limited to a 5 minute prerecorded explanation. Size of poster doesn’t matter as much for this event.) Students will present a 36″ by 42″ poster.  Posters should be oriented in the Landscape mode. The poster will hang by pushpins on a display board. Tri-fold poster boards will not be allowed. The presenter(s) should plan to be present for their entire session to answer questions or to explain the project. URSCO will hold “How to Create an Effective Poster Presentation” sessions and print posters for presenters.
When will I present?
Presentations will be scheduled in intervals (refer to application for time slots). You will select your preferences when registering for the Thomas Undergraduate Research and Creativity Expo and we will make every attempt to honor your preferences. The duration of the poster or exhibit will be one hour, the duration of the oral presentation or the scholarly performance will be 12 minutes. You will be notified about the presentation time soon after the registration deadline.
Note: Scholarly Performances will only take place from 12:00pm to 1:00pm and the duration may be slightly longer.
Who is eligible to present their research/creative scholarship?

Any undergraduate student currently enrolled at UNCG who has participated in a research/creative scholarship project may apply. The research/creative scholarship project could be from course work, a project developed for independent research/study, participation in the Undergraduate Research and Creativity Award (URCA) or other projects with a faculty mentor, and/or volunteer work.

Does the project have to be completely finished for me to present?

No, you may present if the project is incomplete. At minimum, you should be able to explain the overall question, discuss how the question will be answered, and report any preliminary results.

Is my research/creative scholarship project required to be completed on UNCG’s campus?

No. For example, sometimes UNCG students travel during the summer to complete research on other university campuses, federal laboratories or in the private sector. Students may present as long as there is a faculty sponsor listed on the presentation who agrees that the research is of high quality.

Are group projects allowed?

Yes. Designate one individual as the primary student on the project. The primary student should register as a presenter, and then complete the entries for each co-presenter on the project. The co-presenters are NOT required to submit separate abstracts. Each group should only submit one abstract.

Are graduate students or faculty members eligible to present their research?

Undergraduate students are the only presenters at this conference. They can present the work done in collaboration with faculty and/or graduate students and the faculty and grad students are encouraged to attend the conference to positively support the undergraduate presenters.

Award Information

A committee will judge selected presentations and determine the top three for awards in each category (listed below). Your faculty mentor must approve your self nomination. Only those students who have completed EXCEPTIONAL work should submit for evaluation. If you wish to be considered, the URSCO will contact your mentor by February 20 for approval, which must be given by March 10. If your faculty mentor does not approve, you will not be eligible for consideration. *Students presenting more than one project may only be considered for one entry.


  • Business, Economic, Education, Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics, Life and Physical Sciences
  • Exhibit – Visual Arts
  • Music, Theatre, and Dance