David Teachout, PhD

Associate Vice Provost, UTLC
Professor of Music Education

Email: djteacho@uncg.edu
Phone: 336.334.4759


Business Officer

Phone: 336.334.5068

Leslie Daniel

Technology Support Technician

Email: ljdaniel@uncg.edu
Phone: 336.334.3871

Laura M. Pipe, PhD

Associate Director, UTLC: Faculty Development
Director, Learning Innovations & Pedagogy
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Email: lmpipe@uncg.edu
Phone: 336.334.3486

Jennifer T. Stephens, PhD

Associate Director, UTLC: High Impact Practices
Director, Residential Colleges Office
Director, Teaching Education Fellows
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations

Email: jennifer.stephens@uncg.edu
Phone: 336.256.1489

Lee Phillips, PhD

Director, Undergraduate Research, Scholarship & Creativity Office
Adjunct Associate Professor, Geography, Environment, and Sustainability

Email: plphilli@uncg.edu 
Phone: 336.334.4622