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Teaching Tips | Black Student Experiences VOISES Summary

To conclude Black History Month, this week’s teaching tips offer a summary from our recent VOISES panel on Black student experiences here at UNCG. Close the gap with additional support and offer concrete help.  Offer practical advice. Familiarize yourself with administrative and academic support systems. Learn about student health and … Continued

Teaching Tips | Revisiting Class Assignments

This week’s teaching tips share strategies for revisiting class assignments. In the latest What’s Working video (linked above), Anne Wood – lecturer and internship director in Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies department at UNCG – shares what’s working for her as she uses inspiration from other class assignments to create new … Continued

Small Steps, Big Impact Episode 16 – EDI and Career Preparation

Our guest today is Dr. Megan Walters, Associate Director for Career Development for the o  & Professional Development Center here at UNCG. Our conversation today focuses on the intersection of EDI and students’ career preparation. Hosted by: Dr. Brad Johnson Music, A Short Walk, from Zapsplat.com Link to full Transcript. … Continued

Teaching Tips | Veteran and Military-Affiliated Student Experiences voises Summary

This week’s teaching tips come from our recent VOISES panel featuring veteran and military-affiliated student experiences. The top strategies are summarized below: Remember that every student is unique.  While there are some common experiences shared by military affiliated students, it is important to remember that individuals have unique lived experiences that … Continued