First-Year Seminars and Experiences Common Intellectual Experiences Learning Communities
Emphasis on critical inquiry, frequent writing, information literacy, and collaborative learning Core curriculum/common courses; an integrative, vertically-aligned general education program; or themed learning communities Two or more linked courses, many with a common theme or readings
Writing-Intensive Courses Collaborative Assignments and Projects Undergraduate Research
As a repeated practice across the curriculum to include final-year writing projects Team-based learning assignments and collaborative research projects Connects key concepts and questions with early and active involvement in systematic investigation and research
Diversity/Global Learning Service Learning/Community-Based Learning Internships
Courses and programs (including study/education abroad) that explore “difficult differences” such as racial, ethnic, and gender inequalities or global struggles for human rights, freedom, and power Utilizing experiential learning with community partners as instructional strategies, with required application and reflection Providing direct experience in a work setting with structured supervision and coaching from professionals in the field
Capstone Courses and Projects ePortfolios
At the end of a general education program and/or major that require completion of an integrated and applied project Capture and demonstrate student learning through multiple modes and mediums